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On Phased Retirement, Hurry Up and Wait

The wait for phased retirement to actually become available—it was authorized in law nearly two years ago—will continue for a while, OPM has indicated. Continue ›

Key Bill to Start Moving

The House Armed Services Committee next week will begin moving one of the annual key bills that can affect federal personnel policies, the DoD authorization measure—which in addition to affecting the government's largest employer commonly contains government-wide personnel provisions as well. Continue ›

Charity Drive Policies Changing

OPM has announced its intent to issue final rules overhauling the Combined Federal Campaign, the official federal workplace charity drive. Continue ›

Policies Stir Bipartisan Opposition

OPM's announcement on the CFC resulted in a rare bipartisan agreement among leaders of the House committee that handles federal employee matters, Oversight and Government Reform, to oppose certain provisions. Continue ›

Download Now: Talking Points for Federal Employees

FEDweek has just produced free download titled Talking Points: Facts about the Federal Workforce and Its Compensation, designed to help employees rebut common criticisms and misconceptions on issues such as the size and nature of the federal workforce, and its pay and benefits. Continue ›

High Court Rejects Appeal in Key Case

The U.S. Supreme Court, without explanation, has refused to hear an appeal of a ruling that federal employees holding positions designated as sensitive—and not just those involving access to classified information—do not have rights to appeal to MSPB an agency determinations of ineligibility to hold the position. Continue ›

COLA Count Hits Halfway Mark

Through six months of the counting period toward the January 2015 federal retiree COLA, the count stands at 1 percent, following an increase in March of 0.7 percentage points in the inflation index used to set the adjustment. Continue ›

Expert's View: FEHB and FEDVIP

While FEHB and FEDVIP are both forms of health insurance, they differ in substantial ways, even beyond the scope of their coverage, writes benefits expert Reg Jones. Continue ›

FEHB Plans Told to Cover Anti-Obesity Drugs

FEHB carriers must cover in 2015 FDA-approved anti-obesity drugs in addition to benefits they already provide such as wellness activities, health coaching and nutrition counseling. Continue ›

Federal Legal Corner: Former Employee Can Bring Retaliation Claim

On February 3, 2014, the EEOC issued a decision in Complainant v. Dept. of Defense (Army & Air Force Exchange), Appeal No. 0120133147, reiterating that former agency employees can file EEO complaints against their former agency employer, particularly [...] Continue ›

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