Many Details of Computer Hack Still Undisclosed

Nearly three weeks after OPM disclosed that hackers had stolen from its computer systems records involving highly personal federal employee information that could be used for identity theft …More

Security File Breach Seems the More Serious

Affected persons could, eventually, receive notices regarding one or both of two separate database intrusions. One involved a personnel data file on virtually everyone, some 4.2 million persons, …More

Congress, Unions Continue to Pressure OPM (Published: )

Retirement Processing Gets Renewed Attention (Published: )

DoD Employee Performance Issues Move toward Decision (Published: )

Special Survivor Benefit Election Opportunity Ending (Published: )

More People, More Data Involved in Theft of Personnel Records (Published: )

Fallout Spreads in Many Directions (Published: )

Frustration over Lack of Disclosure Also Widespread (Published: )

Key Spending Bill Maintains Silence on Raise (Published: )

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Federal Manager's Daily Report

Waste from Improper Payments May Be Overstated

Legislation to address overpayments by federal agencies may yield savings smaller than supporters hope, for reasons including that some payments labeled improper actually are correct but are simply …More

Clearance Provisions Added to DoD Bill (Published: )
Senator Targets Revolving Door Issue (Published: )
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FEDweek IT

Immediate Cybersecurity Measures Ordered by OMB

US CIO Tony Scott recently announced a 30-day cybersecurity sprint to shore up protection of federal information systems, made all the more urgent following a massive data breach …More

OMB Developing Civilian Cybersecurity Strategy (Published: )
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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report

Impact of Longer Careers Starting to Show

The trend toward longer working careers is beginning to show results in terms of retirement financial security, according to information provided to the Senate Select Committee on Aging. …More

Lump-Sum Leave Payment on Separation (Published: )
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Armed Forces News

Carter: Iraqi Army Draws Few Recruits

The Iraqi army has been unable to draw enough recruits and train them to fight, Defense Secretary Ash Carter told the House Armed Services Committee during a June …More

Former Drone Operators Call for Halt (Published: )
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