Leave Memo Both Less, More Than It Appears

A White House memo telling agencies to grant employees up to 30 days of advanced sick leave for certain child-related purposes goes farther in some ways and not …More

Basic Advance Leave Policies Not Changed

The memo does not change the amounts of advance sick leave allowable. Agencies may advance up to 30 days of sick leave to a full-time employee who is …More

Administrative Leave Idea Requires Legislation (Published: )

Several Bills Reintroduced (Published: )

COLA Count Starts Out Underwater (Published: )

Some VA Whistleblowers Get Help (Published: )

Legislative Year Kicking Off (Published: )

Familiar Proposals Likely from White House (Published: )

More Proposals from Congressional Republicans (Published: )

Disciplinary Issues Likely to Arise (Published: )

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Federal Manager's Daily Report

NASA’s Tips for Recruiting Women in STEM Jobs

The Chief Human Capital Officers Council has posted a presentation by NASA, one of the agencies most heavily weighted toward jobs focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics, …More

Agencies Told to Better Coordinate Equipment Transfers (Published: )
USPS Should Get into the Banking Business, Union Says (Published: )
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FEDweek IT

GSA Developing Contract for Agile Delivery Services

GSA’s 18F Digital Services team has announced it is partnering with the Office of Integrated Technology Services to establish a government-wide blanket purchase agreement with vendors that specialize …More

18F Spawning Digital Government Teams (Published: )
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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report

TSP Mainly Mirrors Trends Among Savings Plans

A review of retirement savings plans comparable to the TSP shows that the federal plan in many ways mirrors what is happening in the private sector although in …More

What Counts Toward Lump-sum Payments for Annual Leave (Published: )
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Armed Forces News

Vets’ Groups Send Wish List to Hill

Four of the nation’s largest veterans’ service organizations presented its annual independent budget for the 114th Congress, calling for increased attention to health care, infrastructure, education, employment, training, …More

Marines Get New Sergeant Major (Published: )
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