Shutdown Threat Set to Be Kicked Down the Road, but Not Far

Congress is set to finalize later today (September 30) a bill to lift the threat of a partial government shutdown starting tomorrow that has been hanging over the …More

FEHB Rates Rising by 7.4 Percent on Average

The enrollee share of premiums in the FEHB will rise 7.4 percent on average for 2016 for non-postal employees and for retirees. Within that average, the enrollee self-only …More

Some Plans Dropping Out, Some Coming In (Published: )

Some FEHB Enrollees to Be Asked to Prove Family Member Eligibility (Published: )

Get a Flu Shot, Employees Urged (Published: )

Clearance Breach Notices Still Pending (Published: )

Leave, Veterans Preference Bills Advance (Published: )

Much Talk, Little Action on Preventing Shutdown (Published: )

Lack of Information Irks Employees (Published: )

FEHB Change Will Help Some Enrollees, Cost Others (Published: )

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Federal Manager's Daily Report

Hiring System ‘Out of Balance,’ MSPB Says

The emphasis on hiring veterans into federal jobs has put the government’s hiring practices out of balance, at the cost of non-veterans and in particular of women, MSPB …More

SES Count Drops, Demographics Change a Little (Published: )
GSA Wants More Detailed Reports from Agencies (Published: )
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FEDweek IT

Standards for Federal Spending Data Finalized

OMB has announced it finalized standards to improve the consistency and quality of federal spending data. It said the standards – guided by the DATA Act – would …More

CIO Council Publishes Open Data ToolKit Doc as PDF (Published: )
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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report

Many TSP Investors Leave Money on Table

The government contributions for FERS employees are one of the most attractive features of the TSP but fewer employees are taking full advantage of it and that will …More

FEGLI Living Benefits Serve a Specific Purpose (Published: )
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Armed Forces News

Congress Agrees on 2016 Defense Spending Bill

Lawmakers in the House and Senate agreed Sept. 29 on a $604.2 billion defense-spending bill for fiscal year 2016, which began Oct. 1 and continues through next Sept. …More

Retirement System Faces Revamping (Published: )
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