Exceptions Starting to Look Like the Rule in Hiring Freeze

The government’s three largest departments have now issued guidance on how they will carry out the Trump administration’s general federal …More

Restrictions Set on Promotions, Other Personnel Actions Due to Freeze

New guidance from OPM to agencies on carrying out the general hiring freeze repeats previous guidance stating that agencies still …More

White House Signals More Scrutiny of Federal Workforce

Senators Vow to Oppose Cuts in Benefits, Rights

Paid Parental Leave, Free Speech Bills Offered

OSC Guidance Draws Line between Opinions, Political Activity

Employees May Voice Support or Opposition to Trump, Says OSC

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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report

GAO Documents How Spending Drops in Retirement

“Young retiree” households, defined as those in the age 65-69 range, tend to spend about a fifth less than do …More

Don’t Count on a Waiver of Buyout Repayment Policy
All Powers of Attorney Are Not the Same
Watching Out for Older Person’s Finances
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Federal Manager's Daily Report

GAO Cites Progress on Human Capital Management

GAO has said that one high-risk issues that cuts across agency lines, strategic human capital management, has shown improvement since …More

Probe Sought of EPA Employee Compliance with Records-Keeping
GAO Finds Some Issues with Purchase Cards
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TSP Investment Report

You Can’t Afford Not to Contribute to Your TSP

How many times have you heard a co-worker say that they can’t afford to contribute (or contribute more than they …More

How Your Roth TSP is Taxed

Armed Forces News

Mattis Discusses His Plan

Defense Secretary James N. Mattis outlined his plan to quickly bolster the armed forces, placing them in a position to …More

Commandant: ‘Seize the Initiative’
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