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Senate Details Key Bill's Provisions

The Senate Appropriations Committee has released details of a key spending bill passed recently by a subcommittee, showing that as earlier indicated in a summary the measure is silent regarding a 2015 federal employee pay raise, effectively leaving the door open for an increase, most likely 1 percent, to be paid by default. Continue ›

COLA, Raise Are Two Separate Things

There seems to be some confusion in the federal workforce regarding the raise, in part because of the count toward the annual retiree COLA, which through the June figure and with three months left in the counting period stands at 1.9 percent. Continue ›

Broad SES Revisions Advance in House

A House committee has taken the first step toward applying government-wide proposed changes affecting the SES—which up until now have been focused on the VA and IRS, although it had been widely expected that those steps would pave the way for broader changes. Continue ›

Other Reforms in Circulation

Several other provisions in the bill drew opposition from committee Democrats and may yet be dropped, including one to shorten the period to appeal a disciplinary action from 30 to 15 days and one to require execs who are suspended pending disciplinary action to use annual leave. Continue ›

Rules Address FEHB Eligibility, Discrimination Policies

OPM has issued proposed rules to expand FEHB eligibility for certain temporary, seasonal and intermittent federal employees who work full-time schedules during periods they are employed. Continue ›

FREE Download: Federal Employee Benefits—Are You Missing Out?

Benefits are an important part of the federal employee compensation package, on average worth about two-fifths of salary. Continue ›

OPM Issues Mental Health Fact Sheets

OPM has issued separate fact sheets for employees and supervisors regarding mental health awareness and treatment in the federal workplace, including information regarding recognizing warning signs of a problem personally or in a co-worker or subordinate.For a closer look, go to www.fedweek.com/HFI in the free info section of our website. Continue ›

Expert's View: FEGLI Handbook Updated

OPM has published a new edition of the FEGLI program handbook to mark the program's 60th anniversary, writes benefits expert Reg Jones. Continue ›

Per Diem Rate Announcement Ahead

GSA likely will soon announce the per diem rates for federal travelers to be effective for the fiscal year starting October 1; the last several years the announcement has come in August.The annual announcement is closely watched byfederal travelers, who often complain that they end up paying costs out of their own pockets. Continue ›

Federal Legal Corner: MSPB Simplifies Enforced Leave Appeals

On June 23, 2014, the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) issued a precedential decision in Abbott v. U.S. Postal Service, 2014 MSPB 47.The MSPB drastically overturned its prior precedent on enforced leave cases, making it potentially [...] Continue ›

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