fedweek.com | us congress retirement contributions

House Budget Plan Backs Higher Contributions

Federal employees would have to pay more toward their retirement benefits under a spending plan that the House Budget Committee …More

fedweek.com | opm proposes changes to excused absence policies

Policies on Excused Absence Being Overhauled

OPM has proposed rules to overhaul a variety of policies regarding when federal employees can be excused from duty with …More

New Forms of Leave Being Created

Prospects of Pay Raise by Default Advance a Step

COLA Count Passes Three-Quarter Pole

Panel Set to Act on Broadened TSP Withdrawals, Employee Awards

fedweek.com | congress quiet so far on 40K buyout proposal

Congress Silent So Far on Buyout Boost

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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report

Expert Lists Tips for Older Workers in Changing Jobs

The number one thing that older workers should not do in job interviews is to be apologetic about their age, …More

What Happens to Benefits on Separation, Annulment or Divorce
Tips for Helping Elderly Parents with Finances
Retirement Confidence, Plans Differ by Gender
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Federal Manager's Daily Report

USPS Changing Policies in Light of Hatch Act Finding

The Postal Service is revising its policies on granting employees leave without pay for politically related purposes through their unions …More

Panel Backs Surveys Focusing on Management
DHS Said to Fall Short on Conference Reporting
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TSP Investment Report

There are Widely Held Misconceptions about Your Thrift Savings Plan

Many federal employees harbor some misconceptions about federal benefits and retirement, including the Thrift Savings Plan. There are three widely …More

Budget Proposal Targets Federal Retirement

Armed Forces News

Navy Commissions Newest Arleigh Burke Destroyer

The Navy’s newest Arleigh Burke destroyer, the John Finn, will enhance the country’s ability to project strength and protect shipping …More

House Passes ’18 Defense-Spending Bill
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