Trump Budget Proposal Would Cost Federal Employees, Retirees Big Bucks

Changes in federal retirement policies included in President Trump’s budget proposal would impose substantial new costs to active employees to …More

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Budget Proposes 1.9 Percent Raise; Leaves Benefits other Than Retirement Alone

While proposing substantial changes in federal employee retirement benefits, the Trump administration budget proposal would leave other benefit programs alone …More

Budget Projects Flat Overall Job Levels

Budget Would Impact Several Federal Workplace Policies

Hearing Produces No Consensus on Pay, Benefit Comparisons

Multi-Level Retirement System Idea Gains Some Interest

Buyouts, Early Outs Taking Shape at First Agency Offering Them

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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report

How FEHB Relates to Other Government Health Insurance

Federal Employees Health Benefits program carriers are obligated to follow standard coordination of benefit rules established by the National Association …More

Using Your Home as a Retirement Asset
Home Equity Has Big Impact on Retirement Preparedness
Understanding the Little Understood FERS Supplement
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Federal Manager's Daily Report

Budget Supports Privatizing Air Traffic Control

The Trump administration’s budget proposal supports privatizing the air traffic control functions of the FAA, saying that 60 countries have …More

GAO Calls for Focus on Improper Payments, IT, Excess Property
OSC Finds Hiring Policy Violations at Justice, Treasury
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TSP Investment Report

The Importance of TSP Snapshot Statistics

Should you believe TSP statistics (or statistics about anything for that matter)?  You can if you realize exactly what statistics …More

What to Expect from the TSP Life Annuity

Armed Forces News

Lighter Body Armor Sought

The Army and Marine Corps are seeking to reduce the total load each soldier and Marine must carry into combat, …More

Bill Would Address Vets’ Mental Trauma
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