Clearance Breach Response in Hurry Up and Wait Mode

Federal employees who were affected by the breach of security clearance files still have not been sent notices of specific information that has been compromised, although almost all …More

Big Task, Unknown Cost Ahead

The number of people aside, notifying those in the clearance files group could prove a much more difficult task since many were contractor employees, not federal employees. In …More

Scope of Services Still in Flux (Published: )

Almost Recess Time, but Much Work Remains (Published: )

G Fund Rate Cut Idea Resurfaces Briefly (Published: )

House Backs Boost to EEO Rights (Published: )

More Notices and Help Coming on Data Theft, Eventually (Published: )

Higher Level of Services Promised to those Affected by Clearance Breach (Published: )

Expansion of Benefits May be in the Cards (Published: )

TSP to Look at Investment Window (Published: )

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Federal Manager's Daily Report

Proposed Changes to Performance Policies Opposed

A group of House Democrats has come out in opposition to language in the Senate version of a DoD budget bill aimed at boosting the role of performance …More

Some Savings Projected from VA Reform Bill (Published: )
Test of Broader FOIA Disclosure Begins (Published: )
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FEDweek IT

Immediate Cybersecurity Measures Ordered by OMB

US CIO Tony Scott recently announced a 30-day cybersecurity sprint to shore up protection of federal information systems, made all the more urgent following a massive data breach …More

OMB Developing Civilian Cybersecurity Strategy (Published: )
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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report

Health Indicators of Middle Age Not Looking Good

Several health patterns among middle-aged people show disturbing trends, one reason why employers including the federal government continue to emphasize wellness programs in their health insurance programs. A …More

Living Benefits Policy Changes after Retirement (Published: )
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Armed Forces News

Milley Links Strength Cuts to Funding

The Army must trim its ranks in order to meet mission requirements amid the current climate of sharp budget cuts, the nominee to serve as the service’s top-ranking …More

Predatory-Lending Loopholes Closed (Published: )
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