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FEHB Announcement Ahead

The annual announcement of premiums and plan offerings in FEHB for the upcoming plan year—that is, calendar year—typically is made in September. Continue ›

Expect Cost Saving Provisions, Other Changes

Earlier this year in its annual “call letter” to insurance carriers, OPM again put emphasis on getting enrollees to participate in wellness programs and on holding down expenses for prescription drugs. Continue ›

Open Season Affects Several Programs

The annual benefits open season allows FEHB-eligible persons to enroll, change plans, change between self-only and self-and-family enrollment, or change levels of coverage within a plan, for those offering more than one level. Continue ›

FEHB Eligibility Expansion Planned

One change in eligibility planned for this year’s open season involves temporary, seasonal and intermittent employees, whose eligibility for FEHB is either highly restricted or unavailable under existing policies. Continue ›

Proposed Changes Left on Back Burner

While the White House earlier this year proposed several changes in the FEHB program that would require legislation, there has been no attention paid to those ideas since then. Continue ›

OPM Examines Federal Employee Health, Wellness

OPM recently reported on health trends in the federal workforce based on findings of a survey of federal employees regarding their benefits programs conducted last year, finding for example that while the large majority consider their health good, very good or excellent, participation in wellness programs is relatively low. Continue ›

Download Now: The Federal Employee’s Guide to Phased Retirement

FEDweek has just updated its free download on the new type of retirement allowing employees to receive partial annuity benefits while working part time, called The Federal Employee’s Guide to Phased Retirement, reflecting the final OPM policy decisions recently announced. Continue ›

COLA Count Nearing Homestretch

With only two months left in the count toward the January 2015 federal retiree COLA, the count has slipped to 1.8 percent, following a decrease of 0.1 percentage points in July in the inflation index used to set that adjustment. Continue ›

Federal Legal Corner: EEOC’s Guidance on Pregnancy Discrimination

On July 14, the EEOC issued its first comprehensive guidance since 1983 on pregnancy discrimination and the interaction of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The 51-page Enforcement Guidance [...] Continue ›

Pay Order Is Likely

With no federal employee raise amount for 2015 having been set by legislation yet, President Obama can use authority under federal pay law to set a raise that would be paid by default in January should no number, including zero, be enacted into law by the end of the calendar year. Continue ›

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