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Pay Order Is Likely

With no federal employee raise amount for 2015 having been set by legislation yet, President Obama can use authority under federal pay law to set a raise that would be paid by default in January should no number, including zero, be enacted into law by the end of the calendar year. Continue ›

Raise Order Not the Last Word

Contrary to how the events commonly are reported by news outlets not particularly well versed in the procedures of federal pay-setting, a presidential pay raise order is not the final word on the raise. Continue ›

Special Rate Review Underway

OPM meanwhile has told agencies to review "special rate” pay in certain high-demand occupations and locations, a routine annual process in which agencies recommend whether to continue that higher pay and if so whether the differential should be raised, lowered or kept the same. Continue ›

Download Now: The Federal Employee's Guide to Phased Retirement

FEDweek has just updated its free download on the new type of retirement allowing employees to receive partial annuity benefits while working part time, called The Federal Employee's Guide to Phased Retirement, reflecting the final OPM policy decisions recently announced. Continue ›

New Per Diem Rates Announced

GSA has announced new per diem rates for travel on federal business effective October 1. Continue ›

MSPB Readies New VA SES Appeals Rules

Somewhat reluctantly, MSPB has defined how it will carry out a much-truncated process for SES members at VA to appeal firings and demotions. Continue ›

Expert's View: Redeposits to Capture Service

If you ever worked for the federal government, left, got a refund of your retirement contributions, and then returned to work for the government, you'll have to decide whether to redeposit that money., writes benefits expert Reg Jones. Continue ›

EEOC Clarifies Pregnancy Discrimination Issues

EEOC recently released guidance on pregnancy discrimination and related issues in the workplace, including the federal government. Continue ›

OPM Promotes Value of Taking on CFC Role

OPM is asking agencies to send a standard email to their workforces to demonstrate clear support for the upcoming Combined Federal Campaign. Continue ›

Federal Legal Corner: Reduced Protection for Furloughed Employees

A case recently decided by the MSPB significantly diminishes the constitutional protections afforded to federal employees subjected to a furlough of 30 days or less vis-à-vis other adverse personnel actions such as removals, suspensions [...] Continue ›

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