GAO Sees Potential for High Rate of Retirements Ahead for Federal Employees

More than a third of federal employees on-board as of 2015 will be eligible to retire by 2020, with the …More

Early Retirement Offers Not Common in Recent Years

Along with the potential for voluntary retirement and other normal attrition to lessen the chances of RIFs in the Trump …More

COLA Count Jumps in January

Payments Ordered in Suit Over 2013 Shutdown

FSA Grace Period Reminder

OPM Clarifies Deadline for Deposit to Capture Military Service

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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report

GAO Documents How Spending Drops in Retirement

“Young retiree” households, defined as those in the age 65-69 range, tend to spend about a fifth less than do …More

Don’t Count on a Waiver of Buyout Repayment Policy
All Powers of Attorney Are Not the Same
Watching Out for Older Person’s Finances
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Federal Manager's Daily Report

Guidance Issued on Allowable Questions to Job Applicants

OPM has specified exceptions to the new general policy barring agencies from asking job applicants about criminal history or credit …More

DoD Sends Reminder on Sending Surveys
OGE Explains Reviews of Financial Disclosures
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TSP Investment Report

TSP’s Facebook Page is Getting Likes

Do you like the TSP?  Like it on Facebook, that is?  69,575 individuals follow the TSP on Facebook; most of …More

Workaround to TSP Roth Tax Trap

Armed Forces News

Mattis Discusses His Plan

Defense Secretary James N. Mattis outlined his plan to quickly bolster the armed forces, placing them in a position to …More

Commandant: ‘Seize the Initiative’
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