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Occupational Differences Cited in Gender Pay Gap

Women working for the federal government on average earn about 13 percent less than men on average but that is largely due to women on average being concentrated in lower-paying occupations, and OPM report has found. Continue ›

Memo is One of Series of Actions

The OPM report is a response to a White House directive of nearly a year ago telling OPM to examine agency personnel practices that might be leading to disparities in pay based on gender and recommend any changes needed. Continue ›

Budget Outline Clears House

The House has passed a budget outline for fiscal 2015 whose main impact, at least for the short run, is to show the positions of the parties in two key issues involving federal employees: the size of the workforce and how much employees should be paying into the civil service retirement fund. Continue ›

Employee Viewpoint Survey Coming

The annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey will be conducted starting later this month and continuing through June, the government's major effort to determine what federal workers thing is right and wrong about their jobs and workplaces. Continue ›

Download Now: Talking Points for Federal Employees

FEDweek has just produced free download titled Talking Points: Facts about the Federal Workforce and Its Compensation, designed to help employees rebut common criticisms and misconceptions on issues such as the size and nature of the federal workforce, and its pay and benefits. Continue ›

EEOC Explains Anti-Retaliation Policies

EEOC recently summarized the policies governing provisions in civil rights laws protecting federal employees from retaliation for asserting their rights under those laws. Continue ›

Expert's View: Proving You're Eligible to Keep FEHB in Retirement

OPM recently told agencies that failure to prove that a newly retiring employee has met the five-year coverage requirement to maintain FEHB coverage in retirement is one of the most common problems that delays retirement applications, writes benefits expert Reg Jones. Continue ›

OPM to Audit FEHB Family Enrollment

OPM is going to audit a sampling of FEHB family enrollments to check whether ineligible persons are benefitting from the program. Continue ›

Some Employees Eligible for Airport Pre-Check

Effective yesterday (April 15), civilian employees of DoD and the Coast Guard are eligible for the TSA's Pre-Check expedited screening program, which is available at more than 100 airports. Continue ›

Federal Legal Corner: EEOC Voids Bad Faith Settlement Agreement

The EEOC recently reaffirmed the basic contract principle that "bad faith in negotiating and implementing a settlement agreement constitutes a breach" in the case Complainant v. National Endowment for the ARTS (NEA) Appeal No. 0120133264 ([...] Continue ›

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