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Employee Survey Tells Familiar Story

Government-wide results of the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey taken this year follow a familiar pattern of recent years of employees generally dedicated to their work but with continued low opinions of how the government handles many personnel matters and declining opinions of their agency -- and in particular of its leadership. Continue ›

Phased Retirement Set to Launch, on Paper at Least

OPM will start accepting applications for phased retirement effective next Thursday (November 6) but it remains uncertain how many, if any, employing agencies will be ready to offer it to their employees that soon. Continue ›

Download Now: The Federal Employee's Guide to Phased Retirement

FEDweek has just updated its free download on the new type of retirement allowing employees to receive partial annuity benefits while working part time, called The Federal Employee's Guide to Phased Retirement, reflecting the final OPM policy decisions recently announced. Continue ›

TSP to Look at Window

The TSP governing board plans to take a closer look at its monthly meeting in November at creating an investment "window" through which investors could direct some of their investments in funds outside the TSP's offerings. Continue ›

TSP Limits Increasing

The cap on regular investments in the TSP will increase to $18,000 from $17,500 in 2015 and the limit on "catch-up contribution" investments—additional investments allowed for those 50 or older in a calendar yearwho make the full regular investment—will rise to $6,000 from $5,500. Continue ›

Social Security Figures Rising

The Social Security withholding "FICA" tax of 6.2 percent will apply in 2015 to salary up to $118,500, up from $117,000. Continue ›

Expert's View: The Best Date to Retire

What's the best date to retire? Continue ›

DoD Per Diem Changes Set to Take Effect

DoD, which sets certain travel policies for its civilian employees separate from the policies applying to other agencies under GSA rules, is reducing reimbursement rates effective Saturday (November 1) for temporary duty travel lasting more than 30 days in one location. Continue ›

OPM Outlines Flu Season Policies

OPM recently instructed agencies on policies related to flu in the federal workplace, telling them among other things to "reassure employees that it is best to stay home if they develop symptoms of the flu." For a closer look, go to http://www.fedweek.com/HFI in the free info section of our website. Continue ›

Federal Legal Corner: VA SES Appeals Changes Finalized

On October 22, the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) issued a final rule implementing procedures for handling adverse actions against Senior Executive Service employees at the Department of Veterans Affairs (79 Fed.Reg. 63,031-63,032).The rule [...] Continue ›

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