Empty vintage congress hall with seats and microphones.

On Key Issues, It’s See You in September

Congress has gone on a recess through Labor Day without resolving a number of key compensation and workplace issues for …More

Potential Changes to Buyouts, Veterans Preference Unresolved

Also left at least until the September session—and potentially until a post-election session, since Congress will again be in recess …More

Leave, Compensation Issues Also Left for Later

Whistleblower, VA Bills Also Still Simmering

Some Movement Made on Postal Reform, Other Ideas

WEP Reform Floated, Pulled Back

Incentives, Other Measures Introduced

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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report

Looking at a House as an Asset

A house is not only a home, it is the major financial asset for many in retirement—and it is also …More

Using OPM’s Services Online
What to Look for in Continuing Care Communities
Many Lack a Strategy for Retirement Savings
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Federal Manager's Daily Report

OPM Encourages Scheduling Flexibility on High Heat Days

OPM has sent a reminder to agencies of the work scheduling flexibilities that may be used to reduce health risks …More

GAO Says More Attention Needed to Incentives, Time Demands at PTO
‘WellCheck’ Service to be Again Offered to Agencies
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TSP Investment Report

TSP Questions and Answers from Readers

Answering reader’s questions will be a regular part of this newsletter. Here’s a question that we received this past week …More

set of american dollar bills as background
TSP Plan Advantages Over Private Sector Plans

Armed Forces News

Court Bars Navy Sonar Use

The Navy can no longer use high-density long-range sonar. In a July 18 ruling, a three-judge panel with the Ninth …More

Former Marine, Soldier Among Baton Rouge Shooting Victims
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