Agency ‘Reshaping’ Rumblings Grow Louder

The likelihood that federal agency workforces will be “reshaped” – commonly seen as a synonym for “reduced” – continues to …More

Furlough Lesson from the Past: Uncertainty Is Certain

The furloughs caused by the 2013 “sequestration” budget limits followed the failure of political leaders to agree on other ways …More

Still No Word on OPM, MSPB Nominees

Curtailed Appeal Rights Government-Wide Proposed

All’s Quiet on the FEHB Front

Bills on Bonuses, VA Smoking Areas Introduced

New Innovation Office to Bring Business Principles to Gov

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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report

Many Retirees Just Trying to Get By

Just getting by and/or covering basic living expenses is the most frequently cited financial priority of retirees, cited by 42 …More

Military Service Deposit Requirements
Tailoring Insurance Choices to Your Age
Older Workers Can Struggle Even in White-Collar Jobs
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Federal Manager's Daily Report

Report Sounds Caution on SES Disciplinary Changes

Concerns that changes in disciplinary rules for SES members would be unconstitutional are “arguable” but the stated motivation behind such …More

Army Updates EEO Policies
Another Warning Sounded on Cost of Census
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TSP Investment Report

Bull and Bear - TSP C Fund fedweek.com

The TSP C Fund and the S&P: how much risk is in the market?

The C Fund follows the S&P 500, which is up, but is it overpriced? There are several different ways to …More

TSP’s G Fund Investments Suspended

Armed Forces News

Retired Flag Officers Oppose Firearms for Mentally Ill Vets

A group of retired flag-rank officers has come forward against pending legislation that could allow mentally ill veterans to own …More

Energy-Drink Consumption Discouraged
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