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TSP Gets Serious about Investment Window

The TSP is now actively looking into allowing participants to put some of their money in outside investment funds—an authority it has had since 2009 but has not put it in place. Continue ›

Time for Key Decisions Running Short

Congress will take a recess next week and afterward has only two scheduled weeks of work before adjourning for the year, having made little progress in its first two post-election working weeks on issues affecting federal employees. Continue ›

Transit Subsidy Could Get One Last Look

One issue that has been largely dormant all year but that still may get late attention from Congress is the "public transit subsidy" that federal agencies—among other employers—can pay to their employees to use public transportation or van pools in their commuting. Continue ›

Bill Would Impact Personal Electronic Accounts

The House has passed and sent to the White House a bill (HR-1233) on records-keeping policies that includes a provision relating to employees' personal e-mail and other electronic messaging accounts. Continue ›

Severe Weather Policy Reminder

With severe winter weather potentially on the way, employees may want to re-acquaint themselves with dismissal and other policies that can be invoked in those conditions.For a closer look, go to http://www.fedweek.com/HFI in the free info section of our website. Continue ›

One More Time on Affordable Care Act

With the annual benefits open season affecting FEHB under way, a misunderstanding seems to be continuing in the federal workforce regarding Affordable Care Act insurance plans. Continue ›

Download Now: Getting the Most from Your Health Insurance

FEDweek has just updated its free download on the Federal Employees Health Benefits program titled Getting the Most from Your Health Insurance, for the benefits open season now underway through December 8. Continue ›

Expert's View: Potential Retirement Mistakes

The end of the year is a time when many retirement-eligible employees are preparing to retire, writes benefits expert Reg Jones. Continue ›

FLTCIP Expansion Proposed

Opposite sex domestic partners would become eligible for coverage in the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program on the same terms that already apply to same sex partners, under rules OPM proposed in the November 13 Federal Register. Continue ›

Federal Legal Corner: Charges Found to be Pretext for Discrimination

The EEOC Office of Federal Operations (OFO) recently reversed the Department of Homeland Security's rejection of an administrative judge's award of compensatory damages for the termination of a probationary legal instructor.Complainant v. DHS, [...] Continue ›

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