House Passes Spending Bill But Still Opposes Restarting A-76 Process

In passing a spending bill for fiscal 2018 (HR-3354) covering most of the government last week, the House once again …More

Buyout Boost, Other Issues Still Not Settled

The Senate in passing its version of the annual DoD authorization bill on Monday (HR-2810) did not take up several …More

Federal Employees, Retirees Sought for Hurricane Relief Work

TSP Extends Relaxed Withdrawal Policies Due to Hurricanes

COLA Count Heads Down to the Wire

Reminder on FEGLI Changes Made Last Year

Per Diem Rates Reminder

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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report

Value of Incentives to Buy LTC Coverage Questioned

A recent report questioned the value of offering incentives for people to buy long-term care insurance, one of the types …More

What Counts toward a Lump-sum Payment for Annual Leave
Protecting the Asset You Live In
Preventing Leaks in Your Retirement Savings
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Federal Manager's Daily Report

Agencies Would Benefit from More Feedback, Report Says

Federal agencies would benefit from loosened rules regarding when and how they can solicit feedback about their services from the …More

IG Calls on EPA to Reallocate Staff
Fiscal Year-End Spending Not Necessarily Waste, Says GAO
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TSP Investment Report

The Pros and Cons of Lifecycle Funds

The TSP Lifecycle funds are portfolio investments that consist of all five TSP funds. They automatically stay balanced and shift …More

Four Aspects of the TSP That Many Feds Don’t Get

Armed Forces News

Robotic Sensors Aid Storm Trackers

As Texas and Florida continue recovery work in the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, Navy scientists are working to …More

Help for Hurricane-Affected Vets
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