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2015 Retiree COLA to be 1.7 Percent

The federal retirement COLA in January will be 1.7 percent, determined by a 12-month measuring period that ended with September inflation figures announced today (October 22). Continue ›

COLA, Raise Are Two Separate Things

The annual COLA announcement always sets off a round of confusion in the federal community involving raises and COLAs, in part because many employees refer to their raises as COLAs. Continue ›

Pay Gap Holds Steady

The Federal Salary Council has concluded that federal employees on average earn 35.18 percent less than their private sector counterparts, almost identical to the 35.37 percent figure reported last year. Continue ›

Use of Lengthy Excused Absence Criticized

GAO has examined the use of excused absence, or administrative leave, finding that in some cases employees are on such leave for lengthy periods, being paid their normal salaries but not allowed to work. Continue ›

FEHB Expansion Finalized

OPM has issued final rules expanding eligibility for FEHB, along with a full employer contribution, for certain temporary, seasonal and intermittent employees currently ineligible. Continue ›

Expert’s View: How Phased Retirement Affects Benefits

A participant in phased retirement will be considered as a full-time worker for many purposes such as the health benefits and life insurance programs and leave accrual, writes benefits expert Reg Jones. Continue ›

Wait ‘Til Next Year on Phased Retirement, DoD Says

In one of the most substantial statements issued by an agency to date regarding the status of phased retirement planning, the largest federal department, DoD, has projected that it won’t implement the authority until "early calendar year 2015." An internal fact sheet notes that while OPM can begin accepting applications as of November 6, "there are policy decisions, automation updates, and bargaining unit requirements that will impact when DoD employees may begin to apply. Continue ›

Download Now: The Federal Employee’s Guide to Phased Retirement

FEDweek has just updated its free download on the new type of retirement allowing employees to receive partial annuity benefits while working part time, called The Federal Employee’s Guide to Phased Retirement, reflecting the final OPM policy decisions recently announced. Continue ›

MSPB Examines Hiring by Gender

Following is an article in a recent MSPB newsletter discussing its findings in an ongoing study of federal hiring patterns, in particular hiring by gender. Continue ›

Federal Legal Corner: Schedule Change as Accommodation Backed

On September 29, 2014, in Alvara v. Department of Homeland Security, (MSPB Docket No. DA-0752-10-0223-E-1; EEOC Petition No. 0320110053), the rarely convened Special Panel adopted a July 10, 2014 decision of the EEOC which had found [...] Continue ›

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