Yet Another Shutdown Threat Approaching

Congress has returned from its holiday recess to face yet another deadline–this one midnight January 19–to prevent a partial government …More

Furloughs possible in 2017 - www.fedweek.com

Reminder on Pay, Other Policies of Shutdowns

Although many federal employees say they are suffering from shutdown threat fatigue, should the threat turn into reality–and the chances …More

VA Reports Increase in Discipline after Gaining New Powers

Many Disclosures Not Actually Whistleblowing, Says VA

Tax Bill Provision on CPI Causing Confusion

Data Breach Affects Nearly 250,000 DHS Employees

USPS Offering Round of Early Retirements

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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report

Backup Plan for Retirement Savings Needed, Says Report

A retirement savings strategy should include a Plan B in case of inability to continue saving at a projected rate …More

Don’t Get Caught by Catch-62
Investigate the Costs when Setting Up a Trust
Views of Retirement Differ by Generation
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Federal Manager's Daily Report

MSPB Examines How Employees’ Views of Ratings Affect Them

Federal employees who believe their performance ratings are too high are just about as likely as to have certain negative …More

High Ratings Don’t Buy Employee Satisfaction, MSPB Says
MSPB Warns Against Fragmenting Personnel Policies
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TSP Investment Report

tsp | fedweek.com emerging markets

TSP Missed Out on Emerging Market Boom in 2017

While 2017 was a very strong year for most TSP investors, many missed out on the impressive 37.2% gain in …More

Tax Law Removes Ability to Undo Roth Conversions

Armed Forces News

Blended Retirement System Takes Effect

Decision time has arrived for current service members, regarding their future and plans for retirement. With the Uniformed Services Blended …More

Report Assesses AF Training of Afghans
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