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House Passes Bill Affecting Raise, IRS Bonuses

The House has passed a key spending bill that by remaining silent on a January 2015 federal employee raise takes a major step toward allowing one to occur. Continue ›

Soon it Will Be See You in September

Time is running short for Congress to move employee-related legislation before the annual August recess, which will continue until the week after Labor Day. Continue ›

Gender Identity Protection Ordered

President Obama has issued an executive order specifying that federal workplace protections against discrimination extend to gender identity. Continue ›

Download Now: Federal Employee Benefits—Are You Missing Out?

Benefits are an important part of the federal employee compensation package, on average worth about two-fifths of salary. Continue ›

DoD Furlough Planning Reviewed

GAO recently reviewed how DoD handled its employee furloughs due to sequestration last year, recommending that the department do more to track personnel costs, which became something of a moving target as the number of expected days kept changing.For a closer look, go to http://www.fedweek.com/HFI/ in the free info section of our website. Continue ›

COLA Count Bumps Up

Three-fourths of the way through the counting period toward the January 2015 federal retiree COLA, the count stands at 1.9 percent, following an increase in June of 0.2 percentage points in the inflation index used to calculate that adjustment. Continue ›

Retirement Contributions Reminder

Federal employees who were hired this year are subject to paying higher contributions into the FERS system, but many have not been paying at the higher rate because payroll processing systems could not account for that change. Continue ›

Expert's View: Contribution Rate Updated

Required higher contributions to the retirement fund apply not only to certain employees but also to their employing agencies, writes benefits expert Reg Jones. Continue ›

Air Force, Others Offer Early Outs

The Air Force has started a new round of early retirement and buyout offers related to a reorganization of several headquarters and certain major command functions that is projected to eliminate about 3,500 civilian positions. Continue ›

Federal Legal Corner: Mitigation Analysis Clarified

On June 13, 2014, the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) issued a precedential decision in Chavez v. Continue ›

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