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Key House Vote for Raise Coming

The House could vote as early as today (Wednesday) on a spending bill (HR-5016) that would leave room for a federal pay raise in January by taking no position on the increase. Continue ›

Several Policy Changes Included

The detailed report from the House Appropriations Committee on the bill explains several policy provisions in the bill, as well. Continue ›

Some Other Views Heard in VA Scandal

Restrictions on appeal rights for SES members under consideration in Congress in reaction to the VA scandal risk politicizing the cadre of mainly career execs and would act as a disincentive to taking those positions, the Senior Executives Association told a House hearing. Continue ›

Momentum for Changes Continues

There remains a general expectation that any changes in policies at VA would set a precedent for wider application across the government. Continue ›

Download Now: Careers in the Crosshairs

Scandals involving the government have spilled over into impacts on federal workers—often far below the level that caused the trouble.FEDweek has just produced free download designed to help you protect your career when the trouble starts rolling downhill. Continue ›

GS System Gets Mixed Review

The GS system received mixed reviews at a House hearing this week, where familiar criticisms and defenses were raised. Continue ›

Expert's View: Part-time Employment and Annuities

If you have any part-time service in your work history, your retirement benefit will be pro-rated according to a formula that takes into account the maximum number of hours you could have worked in that time, writes benefits expert Reg Jones. Continue ›

OPM, OMB Outline Personnel Initiatives

Both OPM and OMB recently released statements on administration personnel initiatives, focusing on issues such as employee engagement, hiring and the SES. Continue ›

Several Bills Progress, Others Introduced

The House has approved HR-4193, which would change the default investment fund for employees hired in the future who do not choose a fund for their TSP investments from the currently used government securities G fund to the lifecycle fund most appropriate for that person's age. Continue ›

Federal Legal Corner: EEOC Certifies Class Action

After nearly four years, the EEOC's Office of Federal Operations has affirmed the class certification decision received in September 2010 on a complaint first filed in 2006, challenging the State Department's "worldwide availability" policy.Doering Meyer, [...] Continue ›

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