Quick Action Needed to Head off Federal Shutdown Threat

When Congress returns from its second straight week of recess, it will have only a few days to strike a …More

Budget Cuts Possible in Short, Long Runs

It appears that at least for now, Congress will put off a decision on a White House request to boost …More

Freeze Over, but Job Prospects Still Chilly

Unions Read ‘Reform’ Directive to Mean Contracting Out

Reduced Per Diem Rate Targeted Again

COLA Count at Halfway Mark 1.1 Percent

TSP Sending Participant Surveys

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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report

Many Options Listed for Shoring Up Social Security

The Congressional Budget Office has listed three dozen possible ways to shore up the Social Security program’s finances, showing that …More

Electing Living Benefits after Retirement
Take Down Debt Before Retiring
Empty Nest May Mean only Slightly Larger Nest Egg
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Federal Manager's Daily Report

Report Lists Keys to Improving Hiring

A new report lists what it calls three keys to improving federal hiring: “using data to find talent; encouraging collaboration …More

‘Indefinite’ Contracts in Wide Use, GAO Says
HR-Oriented Multiple Award Schedule Revamped
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TSP Investment Report

Fedweek.com | Interest rates could impact TSP F, G Funds

How Rising Interest Rates Can Affect Your TSP Portfolio

The Federal Reserve increased the interest rate a quarter percent in March, and there is a good chance it will …More

TSP Life Annuity Options for Purchasers

Armed Forces News

T-45 Returns to Flight Status

The Navy temporarily grounded its fleet of T-45C Goshawk trainer aircraft, because of potential problems with their On Board Oxygen …More

Army Lifts Hiring Freeze
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