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Nurse Practitioners to VA: Let Us Help The chief spokesman for the American Association of Nurse Practitioners believes he and his colleagues can serve as an integral part of the solution to the VA's treatment-backlog woes. Continue ›
Land-Mine Use Now Limited to Korea The U.S. armed forces no longer will deploy anti-personnel mines during combat operations anywhere in the world except the Korean peninsula. Continue ›
White House Intruder Was Army Vet Omar Gonzalez, the man who breached heavy security to reach the doors of the White House while carrying a knife, is a former soldier who is in dire need of help for mental issues, according to his ex-wife. Continue ›
Aircraft Hit ISIL Targets in Syria Manned and unmanned combat aircraft and Tomahawk cruise missiles hit ISIL targets in Syria during a Sept. Continue ›
Space Cooperation Agreement Signed The U.S. signed an agreement Sept. Continue ›
Guard, Reserve Help Firefighting Efforts Two specially equipped C-130 aircraft and their crews have joined the fight against wildfires in California and the Pacific Northwest. Continue ›
AF To Change Oath Instructions Airmen and officers no longer have to recite the words "So help me God" when taking their appointment oaths. Continue ›
Leaving? Turn in Your Medical Records Sailors who are leaving the service should do everything they can to make sure their medical and dental records are turned in, the Navy Personnel Command is advising. Continue ›
Ebola Relief Mission Takes Shape U.S. Africa Command's mission to help stem the spread of the deadly Ebola virus throughout West Africa is moving forward, Pentagon officials said Sept. Continue ›
Newest Virginia-Class Sub Named The newest Virginia-class attack submarine will be named Vermont, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus announced Sept. Continue ›
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