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MSPB Gives Management Wide Leeway in Furloughs In a recent decision, the MSPB rejected an assertion commonly being raised in sequestration furlough-related appeals before it, that by causing inefficiencies, the furlough failed to meet the test that it was necessary to promote the “efficiency of [...]
USPS IG: Vehicle Fleet Upgrade Presents Opportunity About 142,000 long-life vehicles out of the Postal Service's 190,000-vehicle total delivery fleet are near or have exceeded their expected service life and replacing them will be a challenge given financial constraints, but the task also presents and opportunity [...]
Download Now: The Federal Employee's Guide to Phased Retirement FEDweek has just updated its free download on the new type of retirement allowing employees to receive partial annuity benefits while working part time, called The Federal Employee's Guide to Phased Retirement, reflecting the final OPM policy decisions [...]
OMB Announces New Digital Service Crack Team The White House has launched a new Digital Service that will help agencies find solutions to management challenges that can prevent progress in IT delivery. Inspired in part by the influx of private sector talent brought in to [...]
Digital Services Playbook and TechFAR Handbook are Key Components OMB also released for public comment a Digital Services Playbook and aTechFAR Handbook. The initial version of the playbook (playbook.cio.gov) lays out best practices for building effective digital services like web and mobile applications and will [...]
GAO Calls on DoD to Improve Future Assessments of Roles and Missions DoD'sJuly 2012 submission to Congress following its most recent Quadrennial Roles and Missions Review did not provide sufficiently detailed information about most of the statutorily required elements of the assessment, GAO has said in calling for a better assessment [...]
Over $600B Went Unreported on Spending Website Agencies are generally reporting required contract information but for fiscal 2012 they did not properly report information on assistance awards such as grants totaling about $619 billion on USASpending.gov, GAO has said in calling for greater oversight. It said [...]
Coburn Says Report Could Help Spur DATA Act Compliance The ranking member on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Tom Coburn, R-Okla., said the GAO report demonstrates "a complete failure in spending transparency" but that it could wind up helping implement the recently-enacted Digital Accountability [...]
VA Announces Independent Scheduling Review The VA has announced an independent, national review of all scheduling practices at its medical facilities as well as actions to improve access to care following meetings with veterans and employees at the Phoenix VA Health Care System. [...]
DoD: Progress Made on New Civilian Performance Management System DoD has submitted a report to Congress detailing progress with a new civilian employee performance management system and appointment procedures. It said it plans to establish a three-level performance appraisal system for most civilian employees that will link [...]
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Report: Twelve Deadly Sins Managers Should Avoid

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Occasionally, supervisors and managers, well, “step into it,” and find trouble – sometimes big trouble that defies simple solutions. A very few get fired. But most who wander into the path of a disciplinary bus just wind up involved in months, and sometimes years, of bitter personnel battles. You can skirt these problems easily by avoiding a dozen “deadly sins.” (Remember, there is nothing “common” about “common sense.”)

There always will be tension between those in charge and those supervised by them. One of my favorite sayings when I talk to federal employee groups is: “I’ve never met a federal employee I didn’t like. (long pause) But I’ll bet you have!” Invariably, that results in knowing nods and nervous laughter.

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Report: Federal Pay & Benefits "101"

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The general schedule salary system for white-collar federal employees is what is generally referred to the “civil service” pay system even though it covers only above half of the workforce. The wage system for blue-collar employees is the next largest while numerous other salary systems make up the rest.

The GS system is divided into 15 grades, each of which has 10 steps that are about 3 percent apart. Entry-level hiring into a grade normally is done at step 1 of a grade, although various personnel flexibilities allow hiring at different steps. The grade level of an initial hire depends largely on the occupation, as does the career progression up through the grades. Managerial employees typically are in the GS-13 through -15 levels, although employees in many other occupations can reach those levels, as well.

The federal wage system—sometimes called the wage grade or prevailing rate system—covers federal employees paid by the hour. The aim is to make pay for federal trade, craft, and laboring employees comparable to that of private sector employees doing similar work. The typical wage schedules consist of 15 grades, covering most nonsupervisory employees. Schedules for supervisors and leaders are based on the nonsupervisory schedules, but are separate from them. In each pay grade, there are five step rates, each 4 percent apart.

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