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Why These Groups?

The special IT raises will give the government a better chance to attract and retain workers in this high-demand and short-supply career field, said OPM. Continue ›

Others Considered But Not Approved

OPM said that some agencies asked to include other "IT-related" career fields in the special hikes, but OPM declined. Continue ›

More on Special Rates Case

The end finally appears to be in sight in the long-running back pay case involving certain “special rate” federal employees who received either no annual raises or raises smaller than the increase going to other federal workers in the 1982-1988 period. Continue ›

180,000 Due Millions of Dollars

The case involves potential back pay payments of millions of dollars, but exactly how much money is at stake is still unclear. Continue ›

No Need for Action Yet

Individuals who know—or believe—that they stand to benefit from the ultimate resolution of the case need do nothing just yet. Continue ›

Early Marker for 2002 Raise Set

In an early indicator of the January 2002 federal pay increase, the Labor Department has reported that the employment cost index (ECI) measure rose 4.1 percent during the 12-month period ending in September. Continue ›

Retirement Planning Seminar Announcement: Dec. 5-7, 2000

There is a dynamite, 3-day retirement planning seminar scheduled for December 5-7 just across the Potomac River from our nation’s capital and the White House. Continue ›

Pay Law Formula Hasn’t Been Followed

The 1990 federal pay reform law set up a two-part formula for setting federal pay raises: an across the board component designed to keep employees roughly apace with private sector wage growth plus locality pay designed to close the pay gap with U.S. industry. Continue ›

Military Raise Now Plays Key Role

In recent years the raise for active duty military personnel has been a better indicator of the federal civilian raise than has the federal pay law. Continue ›

2001 Military Pay Tables Posted on Armedforcesnews.com

We've posted draft tables showing how much active duty military personnel will be earning in 2001. Continue ›

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