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A Key Issue: Who's a Manager?

One of the issues arising as agencies try to figure out what they must do is the question of exactly who is a manager. Continue ›

Federal Job Privatization Restrictions Proposed

Legislation has been reintroduced in the House to require agencies to better measure the results of contracting-out work of federal agencies, require formal competitions before jobs are privatized and encourage agencies to bring contracted work in-house. Continue ›

'Commercial Activities' List Updated

The contracting measure's introduction comes as agencies have finished compiling lists of jobs that potentially are subject to contracting under a 1998 law called the FAIR Act. Continue ›

Benefits Contract Issue Defined

A recent opinion by a federal appeals court could set an important precedent for federal employment and retirement benefits. Continue ›

GPO Measure Reintroduced

A long-running proposal to ease the effect of the "government pension offset" on federal retirees has been offered once again in the House (HR-664), with sponsor Rep. Continue ›

Thousands Sign Up For Federal Job Search Subscription

Thousands of federal employees have already signed up for a comprehensive federal job search engine that allows you to select your own criteria such as location, salary level and occupational group to completely fine tune your job search, and emails you every day with all of the job openings fitting your own specific criteria. Continue ›

Work Still Ahead for Proponents

Backers of the GPO reform achieved several notable milestones last year. Continue ›

Off-Budget Measure Also Reintroduced

Another longstanding proposal related to retirement, requiring that the civil service retirement fund be removed from the general federal budget, also has been reintroduced. Continue ›

Pay Raise Battles May Be Ahead

The Bush administration's recent announcement that it favors a 4.6 percent raise for military personnel in January 2002 sets a strong precedent for giving federal employees the same amount, but budget fights may be ahead over the pay raise. Continue ›

Keeping Parity Could Be a Challenge

the 4.6 percent figure for the military reflects the number indicated by a military pay provision enacted in 1999 calling for military raises of a half percentage point above the employment cost index for the measuring period used. Continue ›

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