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How to Get Out of Premium Conversion

To opt out, employees should complete and return a waiver/election form to their employing offices. Continue ›

Retirees Still Left Out

Although legislation has been offered in Congress to allow retirees to participate in premium conversion, that bill (HR-4277) has not progressed. Continue ›

3.7 Percent Pay Raise All But Done Deal

It is now virtually certain that general schedule federal employees will receive an average 3.7 percent raise in January 2001, since President Clinton passed up an opportunity under the federal pay law to recommend another figure for Congress to consider as it finishes its work year. Continue ›

C Fund Gained 6.19 Last Month

The Thrift Savings Plan stock C fund gained 6.19 percent in August, while the bond F fund increased by 1.46 percent and the government securities G fund gained 0.52 percent. Continue ›

VA Nurse Pay Issue Stirs

House sponsors of legislation (HR-4759) to improve pay for Department of Veterans Affairs nurses are making a late-session attempt to get the bill passed or attached to other legislation that will be approved before Congress adjourns for the year. Continue ›

Key Decision Benefits Union Efforts

In a ruling that should aid union efforts to represent employee interests in legal forums, a federal appeals court has said that unions can receive attorney fee reimbursement at the going market rates when they prevail in such cases and when the funds are used to support litigation on behalf of employee rights. Continue ›

MSA Idea on Last Legs

Chances appear to be growing ever dimmer that Congress will act this year on a proposal to create medical savings account plans–featuring low premiums, high deductibles and a tax-favored savings account for enrollees to pay out-of-pocket costs–in the Federal Employees Health Benefits program. Continue ›

Family-Friendly Programs Assessed

While there has been a great deal of attention to "family-friendly" workplace arrangements such as part-time work and telecommuting, concerns remain that agencies aren’t carrying out such policies consistently. Continue ›

New Per Diem Rates Released, Posted

As announced earlier, the General Services Administration has changed the cycle for setting per diem rates for federal travelers to a fiscal year basis, publishing new rates to be effective October 1. Continue ›

Premier Lodging Program Expanding

GSA also announced that it hopes to expand its "premier lodging" program, which currently is being tested in the Boston area, to the 75 most frequently visited federal travel destinations over the next year. Continue ›

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