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LTC Coverage Still a Long Way Off

President Clinton’s signature of legislation (HR-4040) creating a new long-term care benefit establishes what supporters tout as the most important new federal benefit created in more than a decade, since the inception of the Thrift Savings Plan and a potential model for similar plans nationwide. Continue ›

Should Potential Enrollees Wait?

While many employees and retirees have focused their interest in long-term care on the upcoming federal program, benefits experts and others tracking the issue say it might not be wise for an individual wishing to gain such coverage to wait. Continue ›

Retirement Errors Fix Also Signed

As part of the long-term care bill, Clinton also approved a new effort aimed at finding employees enrolled in the wrong retirement system and addressing that problem. Continue ›

VA Pay Improvements Move

The House has approved a bill (HR-5109) to improve compensation for several categories of medical personnel working for the Department of Veterans Affairs. Continue ›

House Okays VA Buyout Extension

The House has approved language that would extend the Department of Veterans Affairs' buyout program to December 31, 2002. Continue ›

Emergency Pay Adjustments for Managers

The Office of Personnel Management has asked Congress to ensure that managers and supervisors receive appropriate compensation for their overtime work during emergencies, such as the wildfires that plagued the West this summer. Continue ›

End of Fiscal Year Opportunity (See item # 17 Below)

Well, it’s the end of fiscal year 2000 and we can certainly tell it, because federal agencies are inundating us with bulk orders for our helpful handbooks and guides. Continue ›

Child Benefits Provision Passes

The House has passed legislation (HR-2842) designed to assure that health insurance coverage for a child of a federal or postal employees is actually provided when ordered by a state court. Continue ›

Retiree Measures Appear Stalled

Although supporters are continuing to attract sponsors to several bills of special interest to federal retirees, there appears to be relatively little chance that Congress will act on the measures before its expected early October adjournment. Continue ›

Key Spending Bill Finally Budges

The key fiscal 2001 spending measure for employment and retirement programs, the treasury-postal bill, has cleared the House after long delays due to numerous disputes not directly affecting the employee provisions in the bill. Continue ›

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