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More Contracting Inventories Coming Out

Federal agencies are beginning to release the latest round of lists of jobs that are subject to contracting out, as required by a 1998 law. Continue ›

Lists Don’t Mean Jobs Will Go Contract

Just because a job is identified as subject to contracting doesn’t mean that it will be contracted out, or even studied for possible conversion to contract. Continue ›

New Contracting Rules Issued

Meanwhile, the Office of Management and Budget has published revisions to its contracting out guidelines, called Circular A-76. Continue ›

Pressure Coming from Other Side

Meanwhile, legislation to apply pressure from the other direction, being pushed by the American Federation of Government Employees, continues to gain support in Congress as a prelude to possible enactment next year. Continue ›

Retirement Errors Correction: What to Consider

The recent enactment of legislation creating a mechanism for correcting the enrollments of an estimated tens of thousands of federal and postal employees—some of them now retired—in the wrong retirement system has generated relatively little interest among the work force as a whole. Continue ›

Locality Pay Expansion Recommended

The Federal Salary Council, a group instrumental in carrying out the general schedule locality pay system, has recommended adding Rhode Island to the Boston locality and attaching Monterey County, Calif., to the San Francisco locality. Continue ›

Allowable Reimbursement Defined

The Office of Government Ethics has published interim rules allowing federal employees to recoup travel expenses for speaking about matters relating to their official duties at unofficial events. Continue ›

Tax Consideration for FEHB Survivor Beneficiaries

Federal Employees Health Benefits program enrollees who are receiving their benefits through a survivor annuity but who are employed in FEHB-eligible jobs are eligible for the recently started tax break for FEHB premiums, the Office of Personnel Management recently told agencies in a guidance letter. Continue ›

EEO Reform Plan Raises Concerns

The Federal Managers Association and the Senior Executives Association separately have expressed concerns about the effects on managers and supervisors of proposals under consideration by a special working group on federal equal employment opportunity complaints. Continue ›


In just a few short months, Retirement & Financial Planning Report has become a huge success! Continue ›

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