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Crucial Treasury-Postal Language Still Pending

One of the unfinished pieces of budget work is passing the treasury-postal appropriations bill, the key measure governing employee and retiree programs generally. Continue ›

Key Civil Service Provisions Likely Solid

Since the White House has not objected to the employee provisions of the treasury-postal measure, they likely will be unchanged in the final version. Continue ›

TSP Contributions Provision Still Has Chance

One measure that might yet get through Congress this year is a longstanding proposal to eliminate the percentage of salary investment limits applying in the Thrift Savings Plan—10 percent of salary for FERS employees and 5 percent for CSRS employees—and allow everyone to invest up to an annual IRS maximum for such savings plans—this year, $10,500. Continue ›

Premium Conversion for Retirees

The decision to hold the lame-duck session also breathed new life into a proposal (HR-4277) to allow retirees to capture the tax savings on Federal Employees Health Benefits program premiums that active duty employees have been getting since the “premium conversion” program started in October. Continue ›

Some Confusion on Conversion Deal Remains

There is still some misunderstanding about the premium conversion program (see above item) in the retiree community, with some retirees believing that Congress acted to exclude them sometime this year. Continue ›

Retiree FEHB Enrollment Considerations

Retirees have several special considerations in choosing Federal Employees Health Benefits program coverage that they should not overlook in the current FEHB open season. Continue ›

One Last Chance on GPO Reform

The extended legislative session also provides one more opportunity for supporters of a bill (HR-1217) to soften the effect of the “government pension offset” that reduces or even eliminates Social Security spousal or survivor benefits for those also drawing an annuity from a retirement program that doesn’t include Social Security, such as the old CSRS retirement system. Continue ›

DoD to Alter Buyout Program

Defense Department officials say the agency will take advantage of the recently approved authority (in PL 106-398) to use buyouts of up to $25,000 pre-tax for work force “shaping” rather than just in reduction in force situations. Continue ›

Buyout In Your Future?

Although the skills mix problem is considered the most severe at the Defense Department, other agencies too are facing similar problems after years of hiring restrictions. Continue ›

OWCP Customer Service Rapped

The General Accounting Office has criticized the level of service the Office of Workers Compensation Programs provides to injured federal workers, saying the service level varies widely among the 12 OWCP offices for those attempting to reach an agency representative by phone. Continue ›

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