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COLA Count Jumps

Retirees have banked 1.2 percent toward their next cost-of-living adjustment, to be paid in January 2002, through four months of the counting period used to determine those COLAs. Continue ›

Building Security Force Improvements Urged

Legislation offered in the House (HR-307) calls for improvements in the Federal Protective Service, the arm of the General Services Administration that provides security protection in many federal buildings. Continue ›

Child Care: More Disclosure of Risks Proposed

The House bill (see item 8), sponsored by Rep. Continue ›

OPM Urges More Telecommuting

The Office of Personnel Management has told agencies to reexamine their work forces to find more positions that are candidates for telecommuting, in response to legislative language passed last year requiring that at least a quarter of the federal work force be eligible to telecommute at least part-time during this fiscal year. Continue ›

FEHB Coverage Expansions Sought

Several measures recently introduced in the House seek to expand portions of Federal Employees Health Benefits coverage: HR-568, by Rep. Continue ›

Dependent Care Assistance Benefit Proposed

Legislation offered in the House (HR-252) by Rep. Continue ›

The Best Way to Find a Federal Job

FEDweek has just teamed up with a cutting edge company that has developed an advanced, proprietary Federal Job Search engine that has no equal! Continue ›

'Premium Conversion' Would Set Precedent

Until now, the federal government has not provided programs such as dependent care assistance programs because of the tax implications-allowing an employee to set aside money pre-tax for such purposes means that the government collects less in tax revenue. Continue ›

Child Care Standards Proposed

A newly offered House bill (HR-251) would require child care centers in federal buildings to maintain at least the standards set locally regarding health, fire and safety codes. Continue ›

Management Reduction Initiative Being Watched

Federal managers are closely watching what the White House will do toward carrying out one of the few specific federal employee initiatives that President Bush mentioned in last year's campaign--not replacing 40,000 federal managers who retire over the next eight years. Continue ›

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