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New TSP Funds on Horizon

The TSP’s recent announcement that it will make available two new investment funds starting in May 2001 will provide a wider range of investment choices both for new and current TSP participants. Continue ›

Snapshot of Five TSP Funds

According to the TSP, $100 invested in the C fund on January 1, would have grown to $532 by January 1, 2000. Continue ›

More Investment Info

FEDweek's newest FREE email newsletter, the Retirement and Financial Planning Report, is growing rapidly and for good reason. Continue ›

Congress Backs DoD Use of Buyouts for Restructuring

The Defense Department would be able to use its buyout authority for work force reshaping rather than only in reduction in force situations, under the fiscal 2001 DoD authorization bill (HR-4205) that Congress has passed and sent to President Clinton. Continue ›

Limits on Loan Reimbursement Eased

One provision in the Defense authorization bill applying government-wide would expand the student loan reimbursement program that has been authorized for several years but not widely used in federal agencies. Continue ›

Other Changes Ahead in DoD Personnel Policies

The revised buyout authority is just one of the important new policies contained in the authorization bill for DoD, which despite a decade of downsizing is still by far the largest executive branch agency and which still accounts for nearly half of the federal work force. Continue ›

Employee Patent Rights Defined

The Justice Department recently sent out new guidance on the rights of federal employees to receive royalty payments for any inventions they developed as part of their official duties and where the government has waived any interest in commercializing an invention and permitted the employee to pursue personally any patent rights. Continue ›

Protections for Health Workers Passes

The House has passed a bill (HR-5178) to require employers, including government agencies, to make more use of medical devices with built-in safety mechanisms to reduce or eliminate exposure to needles or sharp edges. Continue ›

Telecommuting Gets Boost

The government’s telecommuting policy that is stalled in many places would get a kick-start under language added to the fiscal 2001 Transportation appropriations bill (HR-4475). Continue ›

C Fund Slipped Last Month

The Thrift Savings Plan common stock (C) fund in September continued the pattern it has followed since May of alternating gaining months with losing ones, posting a 5.27 percent drop that brought its 12-month return down to 13.19 percent (the fund had gained 6.19 percent in August). Continue ›

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