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FEDweek provides accurate, timely and useful information to a large swath of the federal workforce – most of them executives and managers with decision making authority – as well as retired federal and military employees that continue to read and buy our print publications well into retirement.

Our weekly newsletters reach hundreds of thousands of readers that have all opted in to receive vital information to help them navigate their federal careers, optimize their benefits and understand and meet their retirement goals.

The past decade has seen federal government spending explode, but despite continued high levels of spending, forced budget cuts and sequestration, among other developments, have increased competition for agency contracting dollars. This in turn has increased the importance of getting your message to decision makers in the federal government.

FEDweek audience

  • A very large population of highly-educated federal employees at upper pay grades
  • Over half are managers and supervisors with decision-making authority, many with purchase authority in excess of $1 million a year
  • Nearly half our subscribers have purchased publications concerning their pay and benefits
  • 40% have purchased publications on management
  • 40% have purchased publications on retirement planning
  • 30% have purchased publications on financial and estate planning
  • Show strong interest and concern in topics such:
    • Federal government pay and benefits
    • Information technology and business solutions
    • Cloud computing solutions and cybersecurity
    • Healthcare, Medicare, long-term care insurance, life insurance and Social Security
    • Human resources and personnel management
    • Military workforce and force developments
    • Financial and estate planning
    • Personal liability and employment law

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Live webinar sponsorship

Our growing series of live webinars and recorded on-demand webinars present a highly targeted and attentive audience on very focused topics. Sponsorship opportunities are available.

Newsletter sponsorship:

FEDweek is our flagship publication still going strong after 20 years. It continues to grow in part because federal employees forward links or tell their coworkers about it, but more importantly because in it our veteran team explains the bread and butter issues of having a federal career better than agencies do, including OPM. Especially OPM. And FEDweek puts this in the context of the constantly shifting sands of the federal government in Washington DC.

Federal Daily Managers Report is focused on delivering key information on legislation, guidance, new administrative tools and a range of initiatives pertinent to the federal managers who sign up to receive it. FMDR keeps managers abreast of the latest trends in HR and training available to them to perform their jobs better.

Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report helps FEDweek readers prepare for retirement and maximize their federal benefits – which are complex and often changed, and that beg to be explained. This readership is looking for answers related to wills and estate planning, the Thrift Savings Plan, financial instruments, health insurance, health benefits and more.

Armed Forces News with a heavy distribution in the Norfolk, VA region, and other military population centers, reaches military and civilian defense employees and retirees covering personnel issues and interesting departmental and force developments.

FEDweek IT is a new and rapidly-growing list. FEDweek’s newest newsletter reports on digital developments within the federal government, including increasing pressure on agencies to raise their web and mobile presence to meet consumer expectations established by leading private sector free services and apps. FEDweek IT also tracks acquisition, contracting and cybersecurity issues, reaching IT professionals and decision makers that are being asked to adhere to new guidance and goals that are not well understood by IT professionals on the front lines.