Here are just a few of the many internet sites that may be helpful to you, as a federal employee, if you believe you may have an employment related legal issue:

Discrimination: The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) website is located at: An outline of federal laws prohibiting discrimination are found at Cornell University has assembled several resources regarding discrimination at Federal sector information, including the regulations applicable to the processing of federal sector complaints is located at Information regarding the complaint process is also found at:

Misconduct: Adverse Actions and Discipline: The Merit System Protection Board (MSPB) website is located at If you are interested in filing an appeal with the MSPB, go to to get started. If you are unsure in which regional office to file your appeal, go to for a list of the regions, and what areas of the country are covered. The regulations governing proceedings before the MSPB are found at: and decision of the MSPB are found at

Performance-Related Discipline: OPM’s regulations governing agency performance based reduction in grade or removal actions are found at OPM’s guidance to employers regarding performance related issues can be found at: If you are interested in filing an appeal with the MSPB regarding a performance based action, go to to get started and see the above listed links to the MSPB.

Whistleblowing and Prohibited Personnel Practices: The Office of Special Counsel website is located at: Whistleblower disclosures are discussed at and prohibited personnel practices at If you are interested in filing an Individual Right of Action appeal with the MSPB, refer to the MSPB sites listed above. The regulations governing whistleblower appeals are found at

Unions and Collective Bargaining: The website of the Federal Relations Authority, the independent agency responsible for administering the labor-management relations program for federal employees, is located at: Information regarding arbitration appeals is located at and information regarding unfair labor practice charges can be found at

An outline of the unemployment compensation for federal employees is located at The DOL’s “About Unemployment Insurance” is located at

The Privacy Act of 1974, as amended: The Department of Justice Overview of the Privacy Act: and of the Freedom of Information Act

Search Title V of the Code of Federal Regulations which is applicable to federal employees and their employment at

General Employment Law Websites: (employment law); (employment law); (employment discrimination); (employment law discussion forum)

General Legal Websites: or

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