Surviving the New Tax Landscape: Smart Savings, Investment & Estate Planning Strategies

Decrease Your Chances of Being Audited this Year and in the Future.

Surviving the New Tax Landscape with Smart Savings, Investment & Estate Planning Strategies is just what it sounds like – a great investment. This book is a guide to navigating the new tax landscape we’ve arrived at, spelling out in plain-English the changes you need to make to cover your assets.

Keep your money growing through this crisis and the next one (plenty of people do just that and you should be one of them). The future is uncertain to a degree, but it’s a pretty safe bet that an increasingly complex tax code (compounded by the Affordable Care Act) isn’t going to be designed to keep your taxes as low as possible – and even if you have a trusted accountant or financial advisor it’s still important that *you* understand what opportunities and pitfalls lie on the road ahead.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this book: