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Health-care workers in 15,000 nursing homes across the nation either already have or will soon receive protective gear, under a $134 million contract arranged by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), FEMA and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Under the arrangement, the Federal Resources Supply Company will provide the homes with eyewear, gloves, gowns and masks.
Homes in New York, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., and Baltimore already have begun receiving the equipment, the Pentagon stated in a May 13 announcement.


Locations in the remaining states, Guam and Puerto Rico that were designated by FEMA should get the gear by the end of June. The contract calls for a total of 1.2 million goggles, 64.4 million pairs of gloves, 12.8 million gowns, and 13.8 million masks.

DoD has said that to date it has partnered with FEMA and the Department of Health and Human Services to provide nearly $2.3 billion in supplies to service members and federal agencies working to combat the Coronavirus pandemic.

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