Armed Forces News

The Navy’s $205.6 billion budget request for fiscal year 2020 would go to building a “bigger, better fleet,” with emphases on training sailors and expanding to a 355-ship fleet. Operations and maintenance would account for $68.5 billion, while another $61.1 billion would go toward procurement. Infrastructure would account for $3.5 billion, while research and development would get $20.4 billion and personnel would garner $52.1 billion.
Under the plan, the Navy would have 301 ships by year’s end – to include 11 aircraft carriers and 10 big-deck amphibious ships. Another carrier, three SSN nuclear attack submarines, three DDG guided-missile destroyers, one FFG(X) small surface combatant, two T-AP fleet-replenishment oilers and two T-TATS towing, salvage and rescue ships are included. Plans call for construction of two USV large unmanned surface vessels as well.