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Homeless, jobless and unemployed veterans would stand to benefit under the Biden administration’s proposed $269.9 billion budget request for the Department of Veterans Affairs in 2022.

Key elements include:

· $2.2 billion for programs assisting homeless veterans. This would include $486 million in American Rescue Plan funding. Case-management, procuring permanent housing through vouchers, and prevention of homelessness for low-income veterans would be prioritized. Another $598 million would be dedicated to outreach programs aimed at preventing suicide by intervening before situations reach a crisis state.


· Enhanced education and job training programs, and a better digital system for veterans who are using their GI Bill benefits to pay for education. The Veterans’ Clean Energy Job Training program, which is conducted together with the Labor Department, and the VA Disability Employment Pilot Project would receive additional funding.

· Creation of a new Office of Resolution Management, Diversity and Inclusion within VA, to help foster diversity, equity and inclusion for all veterans regardless of race and sexual orientation.

· Increasing the Caregiver Support Program to $1.4 billion – $350 million more than 2021 funding levels — to support those who care for veterans. The budget also supports the plan to gradually expand the Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers to include all eligible veterans.

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