Armed Forces News

Explosive Ordnance Demolition (EOD) soldiers should benefit from enhanced protection sometime next year, when they take delivery of the new CRS-H (Common Robotic System). Produced by FLIR Systems, CRS-H promises to increase standoff with its ability to interrogate hazardous devices troops would encounter during a wide range of military and homeland-defense operations. The $109 million contract calls for delivery to begin sometime in the middle of next year.

Among its characteristics, CRS-H would have a 72-inch mechanical arm capable of lifting 275 pounds close to the platform and 100 pounds when the arm is extended. It would be able to clear obstacles as high as a jersey barrier and move at six miles per hour as well. Its payload would include cameras and a secure radio, and would be cyber hardened.


Testing would take place first at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., before moving on to further evaluation at the urban-terrain test site at Fort Hood, Texas, by mid-year. n
Soldiers also would benefit with a new robot that would serve as a virtual mule. The Army awarded the contract for the Small Multipurpose Equipment Transport (S-MET) in October.