Armed Forces News

The Air Force has authorized the Humanitarian Service Medal for certain members who participated in packaging and air-dropping nearly 2.5 million individual human daily rations to Afghans. The medal recognizes this and other humanitarian operations that took place Oct. 7, 2001, to May 31, 2002. To qualify for the medal, Airmen must have been individually assigned or attached to a unit participating in the humanitarian efforts and must have directly participated in the relief actions. The actions must have affected locations within the land area, airspace, or waters of Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Gulf of Oman, or the Arabian Sea, designated as 20 degrees north latitude and west of 68 degrees longitude. Other Airmen, such as aircrews, who may be approved are those who were in direct support of OEF humanitarian operations from U.S. locations or deployed overseas and assigned to or working from specified locations.