Armed Forces News

The Air Force and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are joining forces to address the troublesome pilot shortage both the service and the nation now face.

“This collaborative effort will enable the Air Force and the FAA to work with industry partners to share best practices and find ways to get more people to fly,” said Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson on May 31, the last day of her tenure in office.


Collectively, the Air Force and FAA will address three areas:

* Attracting new blood into “critical aviation professions.”

* Maximizing training efficiency.

* Promoting partnerships among government, academia and industry.

“The FAA is actively working to ensure we have the aviation workforce needed to day and in the future. We also are working with our industry and government partners, like the Air force, to ensure that we address any barriers to people realizing their dreams of becoming a pilot or aircraft mechanic,” said Dan Elwell, acting FAA administrator.