Armed Forces News

Line and biomedical science corps board members selected

1,482 majors for promotion to lieutenant colonel. The


board considered 7,331 officers. Results of the line

promotions are: 1,223 selected from 1,677 considered for

a 72.9-percent in-the-promotion zone selection rate; 60

selected from 2,255 considered for a 2.7-percent above-

the-promotion zone selection rate; and 142 selected

from 3,043 considered for a 4.7-percent below-the-promotion

zone selection rate. Results of the biomedical science

corps promotions are: 45 selected from 87 considered for

a 51.7-percent in-the-promotion zone selection rate;

seven selected from 90 considered for a 7.8-percent

above-the-promotion zone selection rate; and five

selected from 179 considered for a 2.8-percent

below-the-promotion zone selection rate. See “Recent

Military Promotions” below for URLs to the listings.