Armed Forces News

(Air Force photo - cropped - by Travis Burcham)

The Air Force has released updated versions of both The Enlisted Force Structure and The Profession of Arms: Our Core Values – otherwise known as the “Blue” and “Brown” books.
Both contain revamped guides for airmen to follow through their military careers.

The “Brown” Enlisted Force Structure book offers a “standard baseline” by which airmen are expected to meet mission requirements. It also focuses on the service’s expectation that they build “foundational and occupational competencies” as they advance in rank and garner increased responsibilities. Character is emphasized; airmen are expected to “enforce and advance a culture of trust, respect and inclusion.”


The “Blue” Profession of Arms book emphasizes core institutional values and principles. Details regarding the fight to end sexual assault and harassment among the ranks, as well as discrimination in any form, are stressed as well.

The service also plans to issue a “Purple Book” sometime this summer, which would outline how “air power fits into the joint-force environment, and connects joint doctrine, values, capabilities and warfighting concepts” that show how the Air Force operates as a partner with the other armed services.

“We must periodically review and refresh our foundational guides to ensure we’re giving airmen the tools they need to succeed in the future force,” said Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr., the chief of staff. “What hasn’t changed is every airman’s responsibility to inspire others, set an example through personal conduct, and promote leadership and accountability across our force.”

“Airmen should approach our mission with the mindset of respect, pride, innovation, and a continued commitment to anticipate and embrace change to achieve excellence,” said Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force JoAnne S. Bass.

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