Armed Forces News

The policies that guide performance evaluations for active-duty, Reserve and National Guard airmen have changed. The service has said that the new guidelines would affect every enlisted who wears its blue uniform. Some provisions include:
* Relaxation of the provision that senior enlisteds must complete associate’s degrees or higher at the Community College of the Air Force in order to be eligible for promotion, senior rater stratification or endorsement consideration. Now, degrees from any ” nationally or regionally accredited academic institution” will fulfill the requirement.
* Ineligible airmen now are being removed from the senior rater stratification pool.
* Senior enlisted leaders now can serve as members of the Enlisted Forced Distribution Panel. Before, they only could serve as advisers to the panel.
* Commanders can take personal hardships airmen may face during reporting periods. This means that such circumstances and occurrences may not have negative impacts on an airman’s service record.
* Raters no longer have to state in evaluations that an airman “met some, but not all expectations.” Rather, they now can “identify and document potential areas of improvement.”