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The Air Force Human Systems Office wants assurances from industry that the next generation of ejection seats is safe. The request comes even though the companies that produce the seats have met the service’s safety specifications.

Loren Thompson, an expert in the business side of national security, outlined the Air Force’s concerns in a Nov. 26 issue of Forbes magazine.
The human systems program office issued a Nov. 6 request to industry, Thompson quoted the office as saying, which would “help us identify and potentially mitigate areas of significant technical challenges and cost/schedule risks.”


The service specifically wants industry to produce seats that take into consideration the diversity of the pilots and crew members who would use them — including “smaller women” and “heavy-set men.”

The Air Force, Thompson wrote, “is committed to providing airmen with the best warfighting technology in the world, and that includes safety features that enable them to go in harms way secure in the knowledge that everything possible has been done by their home service to protect life and limb.”