Air Force Announces Promotions, Tenure Extensions

The Air Force has selected 14,181 senior airmen for promotion to staff sergeant, out of a pool of 32,006 eligible airmen. Promotions will take place Sept. 1, according to sequence number. Also, the service announced the selection of 398 first lieutenants for promotion to captain, for the Calendar Year 2017A cycle. Candidates should be able to view their scores On the Air Force PortalĀ  and myPers. Additionally, the Air Force is offering high-year tenure extensions to airmen in critical skills, in order to keep them on active duty. The Air Force is notifying certain senior airmen, staff sergeants, technical sergeants and master sergeants of their eligibility for the extensions, which would allow them to apply for a high-year-of-tenure extension between 12 and 24 months.