The Air Force will require airmen in certain career fields to meet more stringent fitness standards. Air liaison officers and tactical air control party operators will soon have to meet the new requirements within 12 months of implementation.

New Tier 2 Operator Test Battery components include:
* Grip strength.
* Medicine ball toss.
* Three cone drill.
* Trap bar deadlift, five repetition maximum.
* Pull-up.
* Lunges, weighted 50 pound.
* Extended cross knee crunch.
* Farmer’s carry, 2×50 pound, 100 yards.
* Row ergometer, 1,000 meters.
* 1.5-mile run.

Physical Task Simulation Components include:
* Rope bridge.
* Rope ladder.
* Cross load personnel and equipment.
* Casualty movement.
* Small unit tactics.