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Airman First Class Josh Hegemann, an F-16 crew chief, installs an engine on the 162nd Fighter Wing flightline wearing newly-issued coveralls, June 10. Airman Hegemann, along with numerous other maintainers, wears the Airman Battle Uniform to work and changes into coveralls to protect his uniform from oil, fuel, lubricant and other petroleum products. (Air National Guard photo by Capt. Gabe Johnson)

Airmen who serve in aircraft maintenance, industrial and other labor-intensive Air Force Specialty Codes now have an additional uniform option available to them. The service announced they can wear the standardized maintenance duty uniform (coveralls) on a daily basis.

“We are hoping this change will instill a sense of culture and inclusivity for our maintainers who work to keep the mission going 24/7,” said Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force JoAnne S. Bass.


Commanders can authorize wearing the MDU in its basic configuration – with nametape, service tapes, rank and higher headquarters patch on the left sleeve and the subdued U.S. flag and organizational patch on the right sleeve. The uniform also includes the coyote brown t-shirt, OCP (operational camouflage pattern) patrol or tactical cap, coyote brown or green socks, and coyote brown boots. Cost of the uniform will be funded.

The MDU cannot be worn for office work, or for non-industrial or non-labor jobs. It can be worn when moving from home to a duty location, and at all locations on an installation. It must be kept in serviceable condition. Airmen can wear local coverall variants, but only on flight lines and in work centers.

Another uniform regulation change allows enlisted airmen to wear the new OCP caps while the service continues the acquisition process. These hats are still not available through the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES). The hats must be made entirely of OCP material, with or without the coyote brown mesh back, with a name tape sewn on or attached by Velcro on the back. Officers are authorized to wear rank on the front.

Female airmen who wear their hair in a bun or ponytail can pull it through the back of the cap. Space Force guardians should follow Air Force uniform guidelines until the service devises its own plans.

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