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Airmen and guardians who are undergoing fertility treatments, recovering from sexual assault or preparing for civilian employment now can receive additional leave.

For those undergoing fertility treatments, the leave would entail 35 days of permissive temporary duty at a military treatment facility. The leave does not have to be taken consecutively.


Those recovering from sexual assault can get up to 30 days of convalescent leave. The Air Force adopted the change based on recommendations of an independent Pentagon review of sexual assault in the military.

Airmen and guardians who are within a year of separating or retiring from the service could be allowed to take additional PTDY (permissive temporary duty). The leave is available in cases where they wish to attend a DoD-sponsored employment seminar under the Transition Assistance Program but cannot schedule participation locally.

Separating service members also can take non-chargeable leave to participate in the Skillbridge program, which provides civilian-employment training for those in their last 180 days of active-duty service.

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