Armed Forces News

A five-month-long Pacific Air Forces study has disclosed that at least 92 accusations of rape by PACAF members were made from 2001 to 2003. The conclusions have precipitated an Air Force wide investigation into how sexual assault is reported, how it can be prevented and how commanders deal with victims. Gen. William J. Begert, PACAF commander who commenced the review, has ordered major changes in training, reporting of sexual assaults and assistance for victims. In addition to the PACAF data, at least 112 cases of sexual misconduct have been reported in the last 18 months in the Central Command area of operations. Also, 24 women at Sheppard Air Force Base have reported that they were assaulted in 2002 (see item below). The Defense Department and the Army have started their own inquiries and DoD has opened a toll-free hot line for reporting (800-497-6261).