Armed Forces News

The Army has informed would-be contractors that the service is no longer interested in procurement of the Interim Combat Service Rifle (ICSR). Instead, the Army will focus on procurement of the Next Generation Squad Weapon (NGSW). Notification came via an announcement on The ICSR would have served as a replacement for the M4 and M16 rifles. The Army describes the NGSW as a modular system that would include the weapon, magazine, ammunition and fire control.

“It’ll be one complete weapon system, ” said Brig. Gen. Brian Cummings, the Program Officer Soldier at Fort Belvoir, Va. (Cummings manages the Army’s programs that provide materials soldiers carry and wear.)

Issuance of the first NGSW to soldiers should begin by 2022. The fully developed fire-control system should be ready by 2025. The new weapon likely will use a different cartridge than the M4’s 5.56-millimeter round.