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Results from a recent tenant survey show that overall customer satisfaction is improving, senior Army housing officials said, as the service continues to improve on-base living conditions. Privatized housing at Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn, N.Y., can be seen in this photo. (Courtesy photo by Fort Hamilton Family Homes)

More residents are satisfied with their Army housing, according to an independent survey conducted earlier this year.

Soldiers and their families in privatized housing indicated a slight uptick in satisfaction. Privatized housing scored More than 53 percent of all privatized housing 75.4 out of 100 points – a 0.3-point improvement compared to the most recent prior survey.


In total, 63 percent of all properties owned or leased by the government garnered higher satisfaction ratings.

Of the 85,000 residents who received requests to participate in the survey, some 24,400 chose to do so. The figure represents an increase in responses from residents in both privatized and government-owned and leased properties. The response rate from privatized housing was 29.1 percent, while responses from government owned or leased properties came in at 26.3 percent.

Coming on the heels of recent reports of significant dissatisfaction among residents of base housing, the Army conducted the survey with the intent of fostering collaboration among base commanders and property managers to improve conditions.

The Army plans to spend an additional $2.8 billion to modernize, develop and renovate housing during the next five years. The service is on course to reduce the number of poor and failing units it owns by the end of 2026, spending $1.6 billion to do so in the process.