Armed Forces News

The active Army is at 100 percent mission accomplished of its retention rate for the third quarter, said Brig. Gen. Sean Byrne, chief of Military Policy, G1. In addition, all 10 divisions are at or above 100 percent retention, and the aggregate number of the Army is 100 percent. He added that the 9,500 Soldiers impacted by the Stop-Loss are counted as eligible for re-enlistment and the Army is actively pursuing them to re-enlist. He also noted that about 5,600 Individual Ready Reserve members were notified recently they were being called to active duty to fill approximately 4,400 requirements. The IRR Soldiers were sent a mailgram telling them they are being called to active duty and that another packet would arrive with their orders within 30 days. There may be a need for additional Soldiers in the future, Byrne said (see following item).