Armed Forces News

After conducting a thorough review of privatized housing on the service’s installations, the Army Inspector General identified a host of deficiencies that require attention. The IG conducted the inspection between Feb. 14 and March 22. Among their findings:

* Confusion and inadequate training among commanders and garrison staffs about their responsibilities in regards to managing privatized housing.
* Insufficient oversight hindered identifying “current housing challenges.”
* Base housing offices could not validate performances of housing management companies.
* Residents’ dissatisfaction with management companies’ performance, as well as a lack of awareness of feedback avenues for reporting problems with housing.
* Reports by numerous military families about “retribution, retaliation or reprisal from… companies” for complaining about housing problems.
* Historical homes presented a unique set of problems for both the Army and housing companies that manage them.
The IG issued 20 recommendations for remedy, which generally called for greater oversight, training, auditing, standards, and monitoring of compliance.