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The Army’s top civilian and military leaders believe that while they are trying hard to get a handle on the rise in suicides within the service, more needs to be done. Speaking before the House Armed Services Committee, Army Secretary Christine Wormuth and Chief of Staff Gen. James McConville said they hope team-building efforts that enhance connections with families, comrades and supervisors would help, the Association of the U.S. Army (AUSA)  reported July 6.

AUSA cited Army statistics that show 377 soldiers committed suicide in 2020 – an increase from 348 the year before.


“We have a historically high rate of suicide in the Army right now, which is very concerning,” Wormuth told lawmakers. “I’ve been on the job four weeks. I get emails every week, more than once, telling me that one of our soldiers has committed suicide. It is extremely disheartening and tragic. We need to focus on it more.”

“It breaks my heart to lose people to suicide,” McConville said. “There is always something about why did this soldier not have the will to live? What would make them be in that position where they no longer want to live?”

Kevin Hines Suicide Prevention webinar

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“Kevin Hines is an American miracle story. Kevin found himself at the lowest point in his life and hearing voices that were telling him to end his own suffering. Kevin, knowing that he really did not want to die, made a bargain with himself that day: if just one person stopped to show him some compassion on his way to the Golden Gate bridge, he would not jump. Sadly, despite his obvious tears, not a soul stopped to talk to him. One lady even asked him to take her picture on the bridge but still failed to show even the slightest bit of concern- so Kevin jumped- 220 feet to the rock hard water. But he survived!! Kevin is now one of top motivational speakers and advocates of suicide prevention and he will be joining the One More Day family on the 16th of July @1200 MST to share his story with us.” – OneMoreDay veterans group.

This is a webinar that we all can learn from. Everyone is invited to attend this webinar. Military, veteran, civilian etc.