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Most soldiers will get paid semimonthly beginning Oct. 1. The change will affect roughly 11,000 soldiers – about 2.3 percent of the enlisted and 5.5 percent of the officer force – who had opted to be paid once a month. Service paymasters made the change because the off-the-shelf software – known as IPPS-A – can only handle one pay schedule. The amount soldiers earn will not change.

“It’s important to know that when this goes into effect, the soldiers who are being switched to semimonthly aren’t going to miss out on a payment, and they aren’t going to have to stretch out their money in order to cover their bills because of this switch,” said J.D. Riley, military pay deputy in the office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel G-1. “In fact, they will get paid for the first half of each month roughly two weeks earlier than they had been prior.”


Once the new system is fully implemented, soldiers should have an easier time tracking their personnel and pay transactions, said Hans Kennedy, a senior financial system analyst with the Army’s financial management command. Soldiers would be able to access their financial information from anywhere they would have internet connectivity.

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