Armed Forces News

Soldiers with critical skills are being offered bonuses to stay in uniform. The Army is using a pool of more than $80,000 as selective retention incentives to get them to reenlist. The skills include cyber, intelligence and Special Forces, with other areas under consideration as well. The bonuses could range from something as low as $1,000 for a 12- to 23-month extension, up to somewhere in the neighborhood of $9,900 for cavalry scout sergeants who sign on for six more years. Bonus amounts will vary depending upon individual soldiers military occupational specialties (MOS), rank, and time in service with skill identifiers. Soldiers who reclassify to high-demand skills could get the bonuses as well, once they complete training.
“We’re incentivizing the longer-term commitments without taking away the ability for soldiers to choose shorter-term commitments too,” said Sgt. Maj. Mark Thompson, the Army’s senior career counselor.