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Soldiers who are new mothers now have a full year after childbirth to meet Army body-fat standards. The service announced the policy change March 19. Previously, the timeline to meet the standards was 180 days. Under the new policy, any female soldier now entered in the Army Body Composition Program or facing adverse administrative actions because they did not meet body standards within 180 days of delivery will have the flag removed from their record.

The Army will continue to provide avenues for newborn mothers in uniform to comply with the relaxed standards.


“I encourage all leaders to proactively provide education and resources to these soldiers to help them regain their individual readiness,” Sergeant Major of the Army Michael A. Grinston said. Army Wellness Centers and health-care providers offer an array of programs aimed at helping soldiers meet body-fat standards and maintain good body composition. Such programs focus upon good diet, sleep and physical fitness.

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