Armed Forces News

The Army is asking Congress for an additional $12.7 billion in fiscal year 2017, which begins Oct. 1 and ends next Sept. 30. The Association of the U.S. Army (AUSA) reports that service leaders would use the money to pay for more personnel, weapons systems, and construction. If approved, the funding increase would pay for 10,000 more Regular Army soldiers, 4,000 National Guard members, and 3,000 reservists more than the White House had requested when it submitted its own budget to Capitol Hill. The additional troops would cost roughly $3 billion. With the roughly $5 billion the Army seeks for weapons, the service would procure more Apache, Black Hawk and Chinook helicopters, AUSA reported, as well as additional wheeled and tracked combat vehicles. The service also wants nearly $800 million for ammunition and nearly $600 million for construction projects.