Armed Forces News

The Army is asking industry to step forward with ideas that would improve the ability to map tunnels in dense urban environments.

In an April 15 request for information published on the Federal Business Opportunities web page at, the service stated, “Units lack the ability to map and categorize dense urban and subterranean environments, but must do so before committing soldiers to operate” in them.


The request asked potential providers to offer two- and three-dimensional mapping systems that would be able to operate in environments where global positioning systems (GPS) do not work. The maps must be immediately viewable, capable of storing on separate computers for later viewing, and use passive or active mapping systems. They have to be mountable on commercially available for mounting on unmanned ground and aerial vehicles, and carried by individual soldiers. They also need to be compatible with the Android Tactical Assault Kit, or able to function on any commercially available radio or end user device.

The Fort Belvoir, Va.-based Army Contracting Command is handling responses to the request.