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Army Spc. Tyler Boyer administers the COVID-19 vaccine to another soldier at Fort Carson, Colo., Aug 3, 2021. Soldiers remain committed to keeping the Fort Carson community safe and healthy by offering COVID-19 vaccines at mobile vaccination centers. (Army photo by Sgt. Andrew Greenwood)

Soldiers who refuse to be vaccinated for Covid-19 will have their records flagged and be subject to a memorandum of reprimand.

Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth issued the order to do so earlier this month, stating that her decision applies to all except those awaiting decisions of appeals on religious, medical or administrative grounds.


Records will be flagged on the date of final refusal of the second order from an immediate commander to accept the vaccine, and after meeting with a medical official. The flag would remain in effect “beyond completion of any ensuing non-punitive memorandum of reprimand,” until the refusing soldier is fully vaccinated, granted an exemption, or separated from the Army.

Soldiers whose records are flagged are still eligible for disability evaluation processing, but they could still face additional personnel actions. This would include retirement, unqualified resignation, or separation upon the expiration of their term of service.

Those who refuse also would see any favorable personnel actions on their records suspended. They could be denied reenlistment, reassignment, promotion, appearance before promotion boards, awards and decorations, attendance at military and civilian schools, tuition assistance, enlistment or selective reenlistment bonuses, and assumption of command.

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