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The Army’s top adjutant general e-mailed 1.3 million Soldiers through AKO accounts this month, advising them to register to vote. Brig. Gen. Gina S. Farrisee, the adjutant general, wanted to ensure the Soldiers knew they could vote while overseas and understood the importance of registering to vote. The e-mail urges Soldiers to see their voting assistance officer or to download the Federal Post Card Application for an absentee ballot from Officials are confident the e-mail, sent over a several day period to avoid complications, reached 96 percent of the Army. As of May 18 the mailout had generated 40,000 responses, which are being processed to distinguish the rate of failure. The Army has planned more mass e-mails in July and September to remind Soldiers again to register and vote. The suggested mailing date for registration is Aug. 15 and for ballot completion is Oct. 11.