Armed Forces News

Soldiers no longer will have to sit through training and non-training requirements deemed superfluous by Army leadership. Army Secretary Mark T. Esper has signed off on several memorandums that eliminated them. Changes include:

* Elimination of personal-vehicle inspections before long holidays and weekends.
* The substance-abuse prevention training lecture soldiers must listen to before going on leave is gone as well.
* Elimination of Travel Risk Planning System (TRiPS), media awareness training, and combating trafficking in persons training.
* Elimination of accident avoidance course training, grade requirement for additional duty security officer/unit safety officer.
* Elimination of internal audits by company commanders of dining facility head counts.
* Elimination of certain subsequent command inspections, inclusion of initial command inspection records as part of deployment records, and motor vehicle accident reports by unit safety officers.
* Units no longer will have to process requests for political asylum and temporary refugee status.
* Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear training from now on will be incorporated into units’ mission-essential task training, rather than take place as a stand-alone operation.
* Culture, regional expertise and language training is no longer mandatory. Nor is code of conduct, personal recovery, survival escape resistance and evasion level-A training.
* Tool room and tool crib inventory will be conducted once a year, instead of twice.
* Command climate surveys will no longer be conducted every six months. Instead, the surveys will take place within 60 days of assuming command of active duty units, and 120 days of National Guard and reserve units.