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The Marine Corps is a step further in acquiring the next-generation Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle (ARV), to replace the aging Light Armored Vehicle (LAV). The Marine Corps Systems Command recently completed a capability-based assessment of the new platform. During the test, light armored reconnaissance battalions operated ARVs in exercises against peer threats. The service then studied the results, identifying gaps and shortfalls in capability.

“The ARV concept emerged as a transformational required capability,” the systems command stated in a press release.


The new vehicle surpassed its predecessor in several aspects – to include incorporation of a battle-management system, enhanced vision technologies that increase situational awareness, and target-tracking and engagement capabilities, the release stated.

The Marine Corps had to delay an industry day that had been planned for this month, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, the intent is to meet later this year with candidates who hope to become the vehicle’s prime vendor.