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Great Lakes, Ill. Aug. 2018: Lt. Jamil Khan, one of 14 chaplains at Recruit Training Command (RTC), conducts suicide awareness training to recruits in their compartment at the USS Hopper recruit barracks. More than 30,000 recruits graduate annually from the Navy's only boot camp. (Navy photo by MCS 2nd Class Spencer Fling/Released)

The armed services should establish a clearer process for assessing the effectiveness of suicide-prevention programs, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) recommends. The Pentagon’s Defense Suicide Prevention Office, which oversees the process, should work with the services to improve collaboration and reduce duplication of effort, GAO also believes.

As the nation’s chief watchdog agency, GAO was asked by Congress last year to study the military’s suicide-prevention programs and identify areas in need of improvement. On Capitol Hill and at the Pentagon alike, leadership is concerned about the increased prevalence of suicide among members of the armed forces.


“From 2014 to 2019, the rate of suicide increased from 20.4 to 25.9 per 100,000 active component members,” GAO stated in the April 26 report that offered the recommendations.
The report noted that the services each use different definitions for suicide-related terms – a practice that “could negatively affect the reliability and validity” of reported suicide data and thus impede the efficacy of prevention efforts. The agency also recommended that the Defense Department no longer publish two separate suicide reports from two separate offices, both of which rely upon the same data.

“While these reports serve different purposes improved collaboration between the two offices could help minimize duplication of effort and improve efficiency, potentially freeing resources for other suicide-prevention activities,” the report stated.

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