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As you know, a service member becomes entitled to retired


pay upon completion of 20 years of service, regardless

of age. Military members are covered by one of three

separate retirement systems, depending on when they joined

the military and three systems require no contribution

from the service member:

Final Pay




These three retirement systems have their own unique features

and incentives for military service members and you need

to know which one of these retirement systems you fall in and

ultimately make the important decision as to when you plan to


retire from the military. Your miltary pay will depend on many

factors and it’s important you make the best decision for you

and your family and to do so, you must educate yourself.

FEDweek’s 2003 Retired Military Personnel Handbook contains

this all-important information you need to make the proper

decisions and it has just been updated for 2003! Below you

will find more details about this comprehensive retirement


handbook for all military members. Please continue reading…

Thank You,

Armed Forces News Editorial Staff


Brand New Editorial Release

2003 Retired Military Personnel Handbook Just Published

-Only $9.95!



Dear Armed Forces News Reader:

For 2003, The Retired Military Personnel Handbook has been


The Retired Military Personnel Handbook is now in its

fourth year and has been distributed to military

installations and federal government agencies all over

the world! It is specifically written for all military

personnel and retirees and their families and is designed

to guide you through every aspect of your retirement,

explaining what benefits you may qualify for and how to


get them, as well as providing a context for making many

of the important decisions that lie ahead. Here’s a look

at just some of what’s NEW in the 2003 edition:

TRICARE Plus program-A complete, down-to-earth explanation

of the eligibility requirements and the covered benefits

Federal LTC Insurance program-Contains the eligibility,

benefit choices, and premium considerations, including

how the program differs for active employees versus

retirees, tax considerations and other aspects of the



Tax Policies-The latest information affecting your

retirement accounts, estate tax treatment and long-term

care premiums

New Retirement Lifestyle Information-Including how to

evaluate continuing care communities and nursing homes

Incapacity Planning-New important information on

protecting your heirs

Pay and Benefit Policies-The latest on COLAs, health

and life insurance, Medicare and Social Security,

Veterans Affairs and Defense Department programs, and


a look at key legislative initiatives affecting retirees

Important Points of Contacts-Just updated points of contact,

benefit rates, addresses, tax treatment of annuities,

status of important legislation and other vital material

The new SGLI family coverage option-What it will cost you

and what it will provide

Survivor Benefits-The latest information on survivor

benefit policies and rates

Moving in Retirement-Special considerations for those

moving in retirement


Retired pay and benefits-how the latest changes affect you

and your family

Disability retirement-qualifying, compensation,


Medicare and Social Security benefits-eligibility and


Re-employment with the Government-the veterans’ advantage

Financial planning-maximizing your military retirement


Taxes in retirement-minimizing your tax burden

A plain-English explanation of TRICARE for Life-what it

does and doesn’t cover, eligibility rules and how to

make in prescription drug policies

The new Senior Pharmacy Program-who is eligible, and

how you can use it to save money on your prescription


Tricare dental benefits-what’s covered and what’s not

VA health benefits-eligibility and facilities

Survivor benefits-spouses and family members, divorce

VA retirement compensation-types and how much

Life insurance-USGLI, VSLI and other Government plans

Other VA programs-assistance with loans, income,

education, etc.

And much, much more!

“The 2003 Retired Military Personnel Handbook gives you

the absolute latest information available on your military

retirement and is a perfect tool to be used as a reference

guide whether you are just nearing retirement or are

already retired.”

Don Mace

Publisher, Armed Forces News


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