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With open enrollment slated to close Dec. 14, TRICARE is advising certain beneficiaries that their 2021 coverage will entail new fees. The change affects the roughly 850,000 beneficiaries with TRICARE Select Group A coverage – meaning, they entered the service before Jan. 1, 2018. Enrollment fees for this group will be $12.50 per month ($150 per year) for individuals. Families would pay $25 per month — $300 per year. The annual cap for catastrophic medical expenses is rising to $3,500, up from $3,000.

Another change involves monthly payment of enrollment fees. Beginning next year, the fees will be drawn whenever possible in a monthly allotment from beneficiaries’ defense pay centers. Beneficiaries need to set up enrollment fee payments by Dec. 31. Failure to do so will result in having their coverage dropped. If this happens, beneficiaries can contact their regional contractor and ask to be reinstated within 180 days, as long as they do so before next June 30.


Retirees with monthly allotments from their pay center that are not large enough to cover the enrollment fees or survivors who do not receive their allotments through a pay center can pay their fees using a debit or credit card or electronic transfer of funds.

Beneficiaries covered by TRICARE Young Adult and TRICARE Reserve also will see fees rise next year. The estimated 38,000 TRICARE Young Adult Select beneficiaries’ fees will increase to $257 per year. TRICARE Young Adult Prime annual fees will increase to $459 per year, up from $376.

Premiums for TRICARE Reserve Select will rise by $3.03 for members, and $10.72 for members and their families. TRICARE Retired Reserve members will pay $484.83 (an increase of $40.46) while members and families will pay $1,165.01 (an increase of $98.75).

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