Armed Forces News

The beleaguered Wounded Warrior Project has made positive changes response to last year’s reports that money it collected did not necessarily get used to support wounded veterans. Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, asked the charity group to clarify its policies, following media reports that money it collected went into a trust rather than directly to veterans. The reports also stated that the organization spent donations on meetings, air travel, and conferences. The group had misleadingly claimed that $64.5 million went to long-term support programs for veterans. It also claimed that 80.6 percent of the donations collected in 2014 went to veterans’ support programs, when the figure was closer to 68 percent. Grassley stated May 24 that the group has since revised its methods of publicizing accomplishments and accounting for donations that go directly to veterans. “The changes made thus far … illustrate that oversight works to bring about adjustments that result in more transparency for the donating public,” Grassley said, “but more must be done. [The Wounded Warrior Project] should continue to strive to increase transparency and accountability.”