Soldiers who volunteered to take part in chemical-biological warfare tests while on active duty between 1942 and 1975 and became sick as a result could be eligible for free health care for their maladies. The Army Medical Command also announced Nov. 14 that it would extend eligibility to anyone who became sick because they were in proximity to such tests — whether or not they were participants.

Veterans who believe they qualify for the care:

* Should provide a copy of their DD-214 discharge/separation papers, or a “functional equivalent.”
* Must have served as a medical-research volunteer during the 1942-1975 time frame. Those who got test medications or vaccines under tests during that time also would qualify.
* Must have a diagnosed medical condition they believe is directly traceable to their participation or proximity.

To apply, veterans should visit, or call toll free at (800) 984-8523.
Once accepted, they would receive treatment and medications at the nearest military treatment facility on a space-available basis for a specific period of time as outlined on the authorization letter they would get. If necessary, the Department of Veterans Affairs would provide any additional care.