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Certain dependent children of U.S. service members would not necessarily qualify as U.S. citizens as of Oct. 29. The directive issued last month by the U.S. Customs and Immigration Service (CIS) applies to children who are not U.S. citizens already but live with parents who are employed by the government either as service members or federal civil servants.

Under the policy, these children are “not considered to be residing in the United States for acquisition of citizenship.” This applies to these children when they are in the U.S. on leave – even if they are staying in properties owned by their military or civil service parents. The agency states that these parents should apply for citizenship for their children and complete the process before the dependents turn 18.


Children of U.S. service members who accompany their parents during overseas travel on official orders may be eligible to complete the naturalization process while they are abroad.
Children who file for citizenship before Oct. 29 would be subject to the policy in place before that date.