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In outlining his overall course for sustaining a Navy capable of outfighting emerging worldwide threats, Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Michael M. Gilday made clear that he believes the service’s sailors are the key component for success.
“Our sailors – active and reserve, and the civilians who enable them – are the true source of our naval power,” Gilday stated in CNO Navplan, the policy document he wrote and made public this month.

To meet Gilday’s goals, he said, the Navy’s active-duty and reserve ranks must be made up of talented men and women who can “operate seamlessly in all domains and across the competition conundrum.”


The service needs to uphold a culture of excellence, remove all bias and prejudice and uphold a culture of respect and dignity, Gilday wrote, while it reinforces a mission-command culture that makes sailors prepared to prevail in decentralized operations based on the intent of their commanders. He emphasized the commitment to continue fostering of live, virtual and constructive training.

“This allows our sailors to master high-end tactics in secure, controllable conditions,” Gilday wrote.

The admiral also gave recognition to sailors’ commitments and responsibilities that extend beyond wearing the uniform.

“Our families serve with us and demonstrate their incredible resilience every single day,” Gilday wrote. “We are committed to strengthening programs that support our families.”
To do so, Gilday said, the Navy will continue to provide quality housing, child care, career-development opportunities for spouses, and quality-of-life programs.