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While the Coast Guard took necessary steps to protect personnel during the Covid-19 pandemic, the service could do a better job of monitoring how these actions are being implemented, according to the government’s chief watchdog agency.

In a July 16 report, the Government Accountability Agency (GAO) advised the Coast Guard to monitor adherence to the service’s telework policy more closely. The report noted that Coast Guard members are required to self-report their telework and health statuses weekly. The service, in turn, would audit these reports for accuracy. GAO noted, however, that the service could not ascertain that such audits are regularly taking place.


“As a result, the Coast Guard may be using inaccurate data to plan technology investments, determine staffs mission readiness, and more,” the report stated.

GAO recommended that the service implement “additional internal controls” to ensure that valid telework arrangements are in place and are being reviewed.

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