Armed Forces News

The crew of the Coast Guard cutter Vigilant worked together with the Haitian coast guard to interdict roughly 70 Haitians who were trying to reach the U.S. illegally. The incident took place some 26 miles north of Cap Haitien, Haiti, in the early hours of Jan. 6. After Vigilant’s crew sighted the 40-foot Haitian freighter that was ferrying the people, they dispatched a small boat to meet the vessel and question the persons on board. Meanwhile, watch standers at Coast Guard 7thDistrict Headquarters in Miami contacted the Haitian coast guard, who relieved their American counterparts once they arrived on the scene.
The combined effort “helped prevent a dangerous and ill-advised illegal migrant voyage from potentially capsizing and ending tragically as we unfortunately have seen recently,” said Coast Guard Capt. Aldante Vinciguerra, chief response for 7thDistrict. “The U.S. Coast Guard … will continue to .. detect, deter and stop these illegal and unsafe voyages.”