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Beginning later this year, future Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard rotary and tiltrotor aviators will learn their trade on a new Advanced Helicopter Training System.

Naval Air Systems Command announced Jan. 13 that it haw awarded AgustaWestland Philadelphia Corporation (Leonardo) a $176.5 million contract to produce 32 TH-73A trainers.


Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) ultimately plans to buy 130 of the aircraft, at a total contract value of $648.1 million. Delivery would continue through 2024. The trainers will be built at AgustaWestland’s Philadelphia facility.

Under the contract, the company also will supply initial spares, support equipment, flyaway kits, hoists, sling loads, operational and maintenance training, and other ancillary training. The TH-73A will replace the aging TH-57 Sea Ranger training platform.

“The TH-73A will provide a modern helicopter training platform that will serve rotary and tiltrotor training requirements into the foreseeable future,” said Capt. Todd St. Laurent, Naval Undergraduate Flight Training Systems program manager.

The Navy trains is rotary and tiltrotor pilots at Naval Air Stations Whiting Field, Fla., and Patuxent River, Md.