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L3 Technologies, a major Pentagon contractor, offered a legal settlement for allegedly discriminating against employees who also serve in the reserve and National Guard. The New York Times reported Oct. 31 that Nathan Kay, a Washington Air National Guard pilot had sued L3 for ignoring his resume, even after a company official expressed interest in hiring him. Kay contended that by not responding to his resume with so much as a rejection, L3 effectively discriminated against him because of his reserve-component status.

On Oct. 30, the company filed a motion in federal court to settle Kay’s class-action lawsuit by offering to pay him and as many as 250 other “qualified reservists” a total of $1.25 million as a settlement. The service members involved in the lawsuit all had applied for and were not hired for jobs at L3 since 2011. The federal court must approve the settlement before it would take effect.


In the lawsuit, Kay’s attorneys noted that L3 had asked early in the application process about prospective employees’ military status.