Armed Forces News

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is seeking innovators who could develop a method for vehicles to illuminate what lays in front of them without being detected. The agency has scheduled a Proposers Day on March 16, in which prospective developers of invisible headlights would submit their ideas.
“Switching on visible headlights or some other emitting system … has a significant drawback: It allows adversaries to detect a vehicle’s presence, in some cases from long distances away,” DARPA stated in a press release.

The agency hopes someone will come forward with a system that would offer “completely passive navigation in pitch dark conditions,” said Joe Altpeter, program manager of DARPA’s Defense Sciences Office. “If we’re successful, the capability of invisible headlights could extend the environments and types of missions in which autonomous assets can operate – at night, underground, in the arctic, and in fog.”