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Pentagon want to see more fellowships and internships – to include rotational assignments into the private sector. Image: Anki Hoglund/

This year’s update to the National Defense Strategy includes a focus on critical personnel-related initiatives, aimed at ensuring that the people in uniform who must execute its extensive goals are of high character and get the best training possible.

“To recruit and retain the most talented Americans, we must change our institutional culture and reform how we do business,” the 2022 National Defense Strategy, a white paper produced by the Pentagon, stated. “The [defense] department will attract, train, and promote a workforce with the skills and abilities we need to creatively solve national security challenges in a complex global environment.”


The plan offered several specific courses of action to compete with the private sector for talent.

Competitive salaries and financial incentives, flexible work scenarios, and rotational assignments are all on the table. Training would focus heavily upon providing expertise in the cyber, artificial intelligence (AI) and data-management fields. Technological skills alone would not be sufficient. Service members would be encouraged to learn as much as possible about their potential adversaries.

Military education would focus on “critical thinking and analytical skills, fluency in critical languages, and integration of insights from the social and behavioral sciences,” the white paper stated.

Those in uniform can expect to be placed in more fellowships and internships – to include rotational assignments into the private sector. They would return to military environments in time, with an eye toward incorporating the best practices they pick up from industry into their regular duties.

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