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Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper outlined three initiatives last month, aimed at ensuring equal opportunity for all who wear the uniform.

They are as follows:


* Creation of an internal Defense Board on Diversity and Inclusion in the Military, which would produce “concrete, actionable recommendations” within six months to foster equal opportunity department-wide.

* Establishment of a Defense Advisory Committee on Diversity and Inclusion in the Armed Services, patterned after the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Service (DACOWITS). The new committee would “provide long-term and sustainable guidance” on equality issues.

* Directing the department’s military and civilian leaders to come forward with ideas to foster equal opportunity immediately.

“Removing bias and prejudice in all its forms and ensuring equal opportunity and respect for all will make us stronger, more capable and more ready as a joint force,” Esper said as he announced the plan in a service-wide video presentation.

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